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Place all files in your NBA2k11 Directory. To uninstall, just delete the files.


The colors may differ with each monitor. Please refer to this guide to tweak to your liking. Open enbsereis.ini and find [COLORCORRECTION].

DarkeningAmountDay=(-100..100) how much to dark or to bright dark screen areas at day time. Negative values makes brighter, positive darker. Day and night computes from overall screen brightness. Actually when this value is negative, dark pixels of screen became brighter and bright screen pixels almost not change. When this parameter is positive, dark pixels became even more dark and bright pixels still the same.

ScreenLevelDay=(0..100) level of screen brightness in percents, that determined as day time. It's easy to compute brightness in any image editing software by blurring game screenshots. For example, Adobe Photoshop in filters have Blur->Average, it produce RGB color of screen brightness, now choose one from R, G, B components that have highest value (info panel, minimal 0, maximal 255 for 8 bit per channel images), divide it by 256 and multiply by 100, result will be screen brightness in percents. If screen brightness in the game higher than this parameter, it will be day time any way, for lower value, all brightness dependent parameters will be interpolated between night and day presets.

ScreenLevelNight=(0..100) level of screen brightness in percents, that determined as night time. Description is the same as for ScreenLevelDay.

DarkeningAmountNight=(-100..100) how much to dark or to bright dark screen areas at night time. Negative values makes brighter, positive darker. Positive values recommended for more natural nights, but negative values simulates eye adaptation to dark areas when you goint in to shadow from light. Description is the same as for parameter DarkeningAmountDay.

GammaCurveDay=(-10..10) gamma correction at day time. Negative values increases halftone brightness (pale image), dark and bright pixels not much affected. Positive values decrease halftones brightness (contrast, intensive image), again dark and bright pixels not much affected, also image became more colorful. In most games negative values for this parameter will make more realistic look, but this depends from games, how they are designed.

GammaCurveNight=(-10..10) gamma correction at night time. Description is the same as for GammaCurveDay.

ColorSaturationDay=(-10..10) color saturation at the day time with negative values decreases, producing gray image. Positive values makes colorful images. Some games require this parameter, especially some Japaneese ported from consoles.

ColorSaturationNight=(-10..10) color saturation at the night time computed from screen brightness. Description is the same as for ColorSaturationDay.

UsePaletteTexture=(0,1) use special user defined texture to control color correction. When active, all parameters except ScreenLevelDay and ScreenLevelNight inactive and computed from palette image. For more detailed description read special section about palettes.


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NBA 2K11 is a basketball video game developed by Visual Concepts and 2K Sports and published by 2K Sports.It was released on October 5, 2010 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii, and PC. Michael Jordan is the cover athlete of the game and is featured in the game in different ways.

The game introduces some new features, several of which involve cover athlete Michael Jordan. The "Jordan Challenge" is a game mode that follows 10 of Jordan's career accomplishments. In "MJ: Creating a Legend", players will take control of Jordan as a rookie and guide him to legendary status on any NBA squad. As Jordan completes seasons during the mode, players will see his appearance change as he ages. This mode is unlocked after completing all of the Jordan Challenges.[4] As part of the "My Jordans" feature, users will be awarded pairs of Air Jordans for hitting game milestones and accomplishments. Collect the entire line of Air Jordan shoes that MJ wore throughout his career and gain specific attribute bonuses when you have them equipped.

Also included in NBA 2K11 is the ability to play with some classic teams from the past. Players can play with the teams in exhibition mode and association mode. Along with being able to play with classic teams, NBA 2K11 also includes classic stadiums that correspond with the classic teams.

NBA 2K11 features an improved presentation to make the game appear even more realistic. With the help from a TNT producer, NBA 2K11 improves the broadcast aspect of the game to make it more like NBA on TNT. This includes seeing players walk off the team bus as they enter the arena during pre-game.

Unlike last year's version of the game, this year NBA Draft Combine is included in the main game.Also, the player can now control new passes added to the game. Other features include the option to make a player and bring him to the NBA 2K league headquarters, as well as the ability to participate in post-game press conferences and sign sponsorship deals.

The Playstation 3 version of the game will also be able to take advantage of the new Playstation Move hardware allowing you to shoot, dribble, and dunk with the new controller while playing NBA 2K11.
Download NBA 2K11 REAL 360 MOD. This is a mod for NBA 2K11 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.