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Goldorakiller | July 30 2011 | 43586 hits

Version : beta "Tottimas Edition" (30/07/2011)


Players Tab :
1.  Add Edit Player's ID
2.  Improve "Add Players Wizard 1.00" (Replace "Add Players" function in database manager tab)
3.  Add Copy/Paste Player function (Base copy in PES 2011)
4.  Add "Character Map" Tool
5.  Add Copy/Past players datas function to use with PSD (Pes Stats Database website)
6.  Add "Search on PSD" function
7.  Add Support for Hidden Skills
8.  Improve Faces relink (fix bugs)
9.  Add Support for Editing Build Faces (Build Base / Hairs / Beard / Jaw / Ears / Eyes / Brows / Nose and Mouth)
10. Add Tool tips
11. Add Support for Editing hairs with preview in build mode
12. Improve "DB Locked Players Manager 1.10" (Replace "Locked Players" function in database manager tab)
13. Improve GUI

Teams Tab:
1.  Add Edit Team's ID
2.  Add Support for logos stored in OF
3.  Improve Teams Manager (New interface 1.10, fix bugs)
4.  Improve Teams Location (New interface, add location for unlicensed teams, drag and drop system etc..)
5.  Improve Chants relink 1.10 (fix bugs and support added teams)
6.  Improve Logos relink (fix bugs)
7.  Fix Line-Up positions bug
8.  Add support kits models from last DLC
9.  Improve Kits editing (add shirt, socks, short colors, icon formation, sleeves badges)
10. Add "Generate GDB for kitserver" function in kits tab (generate config.txt in uni folder with ga,gb,pa and pb)
11. Add Create Teams Wizard
12. Add "Expand Logos Wizard 1.00" (Replace "Expand logos" function in database manager tab)
13. Add Teams comparison with charts

Transfers Tab :
1.  Fix Autosub function

Global Editing Tab :
1.  Improve Check Duplicate ans Fake Players functions

Import OF2 Tab :
1.  Add Import Teams/Players datas from PES 2010 OF2 (with physique and appearance) - Thx Tottimas

Import CSV Tab :

Stadiums Tab :
1.  Fix Edited Stadiums bugs

Leagues/Cups Tab :
1.  Improve Editing Leagues/Cups in OF
2.  Improve DB League Manager (New interface 1.10, fix bugs)

Balls Tab :
1.  Improve Balls Editing
2.  Add "Expand Balls Wizard 1.00" (Replace "Expand balls" function in database manager tab)

Boots Tab :
1.  Improve Boots Editing
2.  Add "Expand Boots Wizard 1.00" (Replace "Expand boots" function in database manager tab)
3.  Add Global Boots Stats Editing

Kitserver Tab :
1.  Add support for last kitserver version (11.1.0)
2.  Add GDB Faces Manager

1.  Add in *.csv (export/import all and replace) 3 columns (Reputation, Boots and Growth Type)
2.  Improve Scan faces converter
3.  Add "Patch Maker" Tool (Change save OF path in pes2011.exe)

1.  Improve Profils Manager
2.  Add support for last .exe 1.03 and DLC 7.00
3.  Add Useful websites links for editors, patchmakers etc...

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  Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 GAME DESCRIPTION
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (officially abbreviated as PES 2011 and known as World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2011 in Asia) is a football video game in the Pro Evolution Soccer series being developed and published by Konami. The UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League will feature within the game; and for the first time CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores and UEFA Super Cup will be fully licensed. The game has been released on the PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable.
Download PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2011 v This is a mod for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.
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