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Category : FIFA 15 / Mods and Patches

Better Youth Player Attributes

AUTHOR : Illoyon | March 16 2015 | 24744 hits
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Game : FIFA 15
Category : Mods and Patches


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Attention! outdated file, see new fixed one here:





Hey guys, I always hated the extremly unrealistic, unpractical or just plain stupid results I get from Youth Academy scouting (very low physical stats, very high mental stats etc.), so I changed the career_youthplayerattributes table from my database. This table states the STARTING attribute value of youth players from all tiers, which then get randomised by scout.ini and youth_scout.ini to later get improved by the "may update" in your game. The result of my modifications are youth players with an OVR between 56 to about 65, before the "may update", with an attribute distributation inspired by actual newly promoted youth players made by EA.


-Unpack the archive where ever you want

-Use Rinaldo's DB Master to open your db.

-Scroll down to and highlight the career_youthplayerattributes table

-Click "Import Single Table" and choose the unpacked "career_youthplayerattribute Edited.txt" file.

-Save, close DB Master and regenerate (not shure if you really need to regenerate, but it won't hurt)


-To apply this table you need a extracted fifa 15 database, two files called fifa_ng_db.db and fifa_ng_db-meta.xml. If you use a mod like the MWM, which already uses a edited database you don't have to worry about this, since you already got your files. if you don't use such a mod, you either have to extract the db files yourself or download it somewhere on the net (google is your friend).

-As always Backup your db first

-I highly recommend you to use a edited scout.ini and youth_scout.ini either extracted from your own game or from a career mode patch like "Better Career Patch", since as I already wrote this table will only change the starting attributes of your youth players, so your results may suffer with a vanilla game.

-You can easily edit these values yourself with the help of an office program like Open Office Calc or Excel.

FIFA 15 is an association football simulation video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. The game features Lionel Messi on its cover, alongside a different player in different parts of the world, and is the first game in the FIFA series to be fully licensed by the Premier League. EA Sports had signed a deal with the Premier League as the Official Sports Technology Partner. In this way EA are licensed under Premier League development. This deal allows all 20 Premier League stadiums to be included in the game, including the seven stadiums from FIFA 14.

Download Better Youth Player Attributes. This is a mod for FIFA 15 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.

MWM DB 2.0 Roster Update 03/13/2015
Posted by Illoyon on March 16