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leftos | November 18 2012 | 116813 hits

Version History

            - Added Head Coach

            - Fixed Teams & Jerseys tab compatibility for November(?) PC rosters

            - LastJerseyID will be recalculated each time a roster is loaded

            - Fixed pasting functionality for some columns in Players table
            - Players table filter can be removed by clicking on Filter in the Find & Replace dialog with an empty Find column

            - Pasting TeamID1 & TeamID2 now works

            - Added TeamID1 & TeamID2
            - Added the following read-only columns to Players table
                * AssignedTo: Shows you which team this player is assigned to in the Teams table
                * IsFA: Tells you if the player is in the FA pool
                * IsHidden: Tells you if the player is in no teams, nor the FA pool
            - Added Filter feature to Find & Replace dialog which filters the players table according to the specified filters

            - Free Agents Pool expanded to 512 spots, since 256 were too few; may need further expansion

            - Fixed automatic roster reordering & PlNum correction bug

            - Added jersey neck & sock color
            - Added "Apply Replace Filters" feature which applies the replacements based on all the "Find & Replace" filters in a specific folder
            - Fixed color handling in Jerseys tab, colors should now show and be applied correctly
            - Fixed a mistake in the order of the Hot Spots
            - Fixed bug that caused edits to some cells in tables not to save when pressing Tab to switch to the next cell
            - Fixed color selection dialog showing up on non-related double-clicks on the tables

            - Jersey GID and Names added, courtesy of Hyperballer21

            - Added "ChooseNameBy" option to allow user to have a "names.txt" with a first column that's not Player ID, but any column of the Players table
            - Fixed paste crash bug in Players table

            - Fixed hang when saving players

            - Added Height, Weight, Skintone, Hair Color, Eyebrows, Moustache, Facial Hair Color, Beard, Goatee
            - Added Dunk Packages, Signature Shot Form & Base, Signature Free Throw
            - Added team names for all 90 entries (courtesy of Hyperballer21)
            - Fixed Find & Replace ignoring the last player in the Players table

            - Fixed checksum not being updated when saving Jerseys in PC mode

            - Added Find & Replace functionality for Players tab
            - Added Last Team ID option to force the Teams tab to show more roster entries
            - Added automatic Check for Updates on start-up
            - Added Player Contracts
            - Fixed Jersey editing on the 360
            - Fixed Muscle Tone and Body Type editing
            - Fixed a bug that caused hex values of shoe colors not to update in the table after editing

            - Added Shoe Colors
            - Added Jersey Colors

            - Added Assistant Coach to Teams tab
            - Fill with consecutive works for 76ers again
            - Teams table now parses data automatically when pasting

            - Added CAP Hair Type, Eye Color, Muscle Tone, Body Type, Jersey Number
            - Shoe Brand and Shoe Model and all parameters added in this release are pastable

            - Shoe Brand and Shoe Model are editable
            - Audio ID has been discovered by DukeW74 to actually be ASA ID

            - Support for MyCareer saves (*.CMG)

            - Support for Association saves (*.FXG)

            - Tool will now skip any pasted rows that have Player IDs that can't be parsed (e.g. rows with no Player ID set, empty rows, etc), instead of stopping the paste; all such errors will be silently logged to "tracelog.txt" as well

            - Fixed bug introduced in that caused tool to crash when pasted data lacked one or more columns

            - When pasting, erroneous data in a certain column will not change the value at all
            - Silent errors will now be logged in the "tracelog.txt" file under "My DocumentsNBA 2K13 Roster Editor"

            - Fixed pasting Audio ID

            - Audio ID added to Players table

            - Fixed Hot Spots overwriting Tendencies when pasting to the Players table

            - Fixed various bugs that would cause the tool to crash or misinterpret data when pasting into the Players and Teams tables

            - Ratings, Tendencies and Hot Spots columns now are named
            - Copy-pasting for the Players table should work completely

            - Players and Options tab are now spreadsheet like as well
            - Ratings, Tendencies and Hot Spots added to Players
            - Teams' PlNum and Player Order will automatically be fixed on save
            - Now the user can change the name of the file to load Player names from, to allow for multiple files

            - Fixed bug that would substitute the FA pool with the Bobcats players on save

            - The tool will now read and write 18 roster entries instead of 15 for every team

            - Added roster editing for all 30 current teams and the FA pool

            - Fixed player entry reading after Player ID 1365 in X360 rosters
            - Known Issue: (X360) Editing Signature Skills of Jamaal Magloire on Player ID 1364 doesn't work for now
            - If you have a "names.txt" file in your "My DocumentsNBA 2K13 Roster Editor" with tab-separated Player IDs and names, the tool will now show you the name of the player you're editing

            - Tool no longer crashes when Search by CF doesn't find a player with that CF ID

            - Fixed bug with CF reading/writing introduced in v0.3.2.1

            - Fixed bug with PlType not being read correctly

            - Added PlType editing (PC & X360)
            - Added support for GenericF editing (PC & X360)
            - Added error reports

            - Added support for CF ID & Portrait ID editing (PC & X360)
            - Added Search by CF feature

            - Added X360 support for the Signature Skills editing

            - Added X360 support for the Team Roster editing

            - All 12 player IDs of the 76ers can be changed

            - Added changing the Player ID of the 5th player of the 76ers to test out different Player IDs

            - The offset of the current player's first signature skill is shown
            - Buttons to switch players quickly have been added

            - Added Gatorade Prime Pack and On Court Coach signature skills

            - Tool can now save changes to roster files

            - Initial release

How pasting works for the Players tab
Read the included PDF.

FAQ & Lesser Known Features Video Tutorial


  • JaoSming, for helping with researching the roster format
  • HyperBaller21, for helping with making the editor compatible with 360 files
  • Solovoy, for helping with researching the roster format
  • Vlad Zola Jr., for his work on REDitor all these years and his invaluable research and tools
  • All of the NLSC and OS community, especially the roster modders, who are the ones I'm doing this for. They make the game better and have supported me since Day 1.
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NBA 2K13 was released ofor the Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and Wii. Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers and Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls are the cover athletes. NBA 2K13 is the successor to NBA 2K12 in the NBA 2K series.
Download NBA 2K13 Roster Editor v 0.13.1. This is a mod for NBA 2K13 video game.

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