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Nevil72 Mod 2018/19

L77 | April 29 2019 | 9920 hits

Italian Leagues Mod By Nevil 72

Update all Serie A Jerseys with bands and sponsors

Added all series B kits CREATED BY L77

Added new series A adboards

Series A referee kits added

Added All Series A Banners

Added Sky Scoreboard

Added all the Serie B logos (Teams) Championship + Italian Cup + Super Italian Cup

Added Red Star Kit and logo (Located in the Swiss championship)

Spalsh changed with Lorenzo Insigne

Added all Banners and Flags Series B

Added all the national kits and logos + different Banners

Mirrors Available

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FIFA 19 features the UEFA club competitions for the first time, including the UEFA Champions League. The character Alex Hunter, who first appeared in FIFA 17 returns for the third and final installment of "The Journey", entitled, "The Journey: Champions".

Gameplay changes on FIFA 19 include the new "Active Touch System"— an overhaul of player control, "timed finishing"— where the kick button may be pressed a second time to determine the exact moment the ball is actually kicked, "50/50 battles"— a system for determining how likely a player will win loose balls, and "Dynamic Tactics"— which allows players to configure strategies, and switch between them in real-time during a match.
Download Nevil72 Mod 2018/19. This is a mod for FIFA 19 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.