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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Custom Start Screen (English)

AUTHOR MohammedFayizE | November 05 2017 | 4861 hits
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Pes 2018 Custom Start Screen (English)

1. You need photoshop and NVIDIA plugin for photoshop...

Download NVIDIA plugin from :

And install it.


2. Download a hd image :


3. Open photoshop and make a new project using 1920x1080 pixels and

drag ur image and save it as .DSS


4. copy dt11_x64.cpk from pes 2018 directory...


5. Download PES Next-Gen CFM From : and

open it.


6. Load dt11_x64.cpk ... look for titlePressStart_pes.bin.... then export DSS and save CPK file


7. Make a folder "SS\Common\Menu\General\titlePressStart_tex"


8. Download PES File Explorer from: and

open it... open dt11_x64.cpk...

now look for titlePressStart_pes.bin and titlePressStart_we.bin in \Common\Menu\General\titlePressStart_tex Export titlePressStart_pes.bin and titlePressStart_we.bin file to created folder


10. Download Cri Packed File Maker From:

open it... and now select created folder and.. Build CPK file and save it to "Download" folder in Pes 2018 Directory


11. Download DpFileList Generator From:!yhc3wTpA!Vg4fZ4MNwR... run it as admin... ... now generate the download files...


12. Make a backup of original dt11_x64.cpk in pes 2018 directory Copy dt11_x64.cpk which is in desktop to pes 2018 data directory




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  Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 GAME DESCRIPTION
Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (abbreviated as PES 2018) is a sports video game developed by PES Productions and published by Konami. The game is the 17th installment in the Pro Evolution Soccer series and was released worldwide in September 2017.

Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool F.C. were confirmed as being licensed at E3 2017, FC Schalke 04, Valencia CF, Fulham F.C. and the Brazil national football team are licensed as well.
Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Custom Start Screen (English). This is a mod for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.