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Marlins Ballpark 1.0

AUTHOR : dennisjames71 | March 09 2012 | 8606 hits

Game : Major League Baseball 2K12
Category : Ballparks

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Here is my ad replacement for the new Marlins Ballpark stadium. I am sure they are not accurate becuase I have not seen a lot of current footage of the new stadium yet. I used the ads from my Marlins Field (CAS) Stadium I made for MVP Baseball and created some of the ads such as the Majestic/jersey ad. As you may know, I typically cannot stand generic ads in the stadiums so I am using this for right now.

Just copy the included .iff file into your main MLB 2k12 directory. This will replace the existing Marlins stadium.

Major League Baseball 2K12 or, in short, MLB 2K12, is an Major League Baseball licensed baseball simulation video game published by 2K Sports. The commentary is delivered by the trio of Steve Phillips, Gary Thorne, and John Kruk. Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers is the game's cover athlete. MLB 2K12 features all of the real-life MLB logos, uniforms, and ballparks, including the the updated logos and uniforms of the Miami Marlins, as well as their new ballpark, Marlins Park.

Download Marlins Ballpark 1.0. This is a mod for Major League Baseball 2K12 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.

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