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CATEGORY : Football Manager 2010 | Tactics

FM 2010 Tactic - Asimetric 4-5-1

AUTHOR Juve YB | January 10 2010 | 15707 hits
Rating : 4

 I used these tactic at Sporting and i had a lot of success. For this tactic you need two good centre back that are fast and have good tackle and anticipation. The right back must be a player like Zaccardo. A right back that preffers to defend rather to attack. The left back as to be a player like Baines who is fast, has a good tackle and a good crossing ability. For defensive midefilder I recomend a player like Gilberto Silva who has good tackling,who is physicaly strong and has a excellent passing ability. For centre midefilder I recomend a player like Raul Meireles, Joao Moutinho or Lucho Gonzalez that can be a playmaker and a box-to-box at the same time. The left midefilder must have a excellent cross, a good pass, a good first touch and must have good stamina. The ofensive midefilder must be like Matias Fernandez, he must have a good drible, first touch, pass, technique and a excellent creativity. For Inside Forward I recomend Mario Ballotelli who is fast as a good long shot and a good cross. For Striker you MUST have Hoarau he is the best men for these posistion.


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  Football Manager 2010 GAME DESCRIPTION
Football Manager 2010 (abbreviated to Football Manager 10 or FM10) is a football manager simulation video game. It was released on PC, Mac and PlayStation Portable on 30 October 2009.

The game's developers have expanded on the 3D match engine first introduced in Football Manager 2009, with more animations, stadia, and even pitch degradation. There will be the ability to "shout" from the touchline to change tactics. The feedback from assistant managers and backroom staff has also seen considerable improvement.

The database editor has also received an upgrade, the stand-out feature of which is the option to add new divisions to existing leagues or to add entirely new leagues to a game database. Users can then, for example, make the English league system fully playable right down to its lowest tier, making it the first football management game capable of doing so, or they could make a league for a nation whose league is not normally playable, or even make their own entirely new league, such as a "super league".

It has been made clear by the developers that some features will be kept secret and discovered only when playing the demo and full game, as has been the case for the last few releases of the series.
Download FM 2010 Tactic - Asimetric 4-5-1 . This is a mod for Football Manager 2010 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.