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The Pinnacle of V - World Enhancement Project v1.8.1 - GTA V

Josh Romito | December 03 2015 | 23675 hits


V1.8.1 - FIX UPDATE 
- Corrected ReShade, removed sharpening, bloom, and other effects, used the basis of 1.7.9, with slight enhancements. 
- Provided the correct version of 1.7.9 in the options folder for those who still don't like the new one. 
- Added the flare texture into the original lens flare option. 
- Added option to restore the rain splash texture. 
- Added the original POV SweetFX preset.(NOT RESHADE) 
- Changed up the yellow cross walks to something more appealing. 
- Small touch-ups to the adaptive DOF. 
- Corrected hbao. 
- FILES TO UPDATE - ReShade FOLDER - x64g.rpf - visualsettings.dat - hbaosettings.xml - SEE OPTIONS FOLDER. 

- Totally redone ReShade preset, reduced banding, improved colors, lighting, updated to newest ReShade version, and more. 
(Included the original as an option.) 
- Redone enb settings to go with the new ReShade. 
- Corrected greenish light in extra sunny. 
- Corrected cloud movement. 
- Overhauled vehicle reflections and night lighting. 
- Overhauled postfx for all weathers. 
- Large adjustments to all weathers to enhance global lighting and color. 
- Decreased/tweaked fog levels for clearing and smog. 
- Increased/tweaked adaptive DOF effect. 
- Increased the strength of wind influence on falling rain. 
- Increased plant density, and adjusted sizes. (use optional plant file if you experience performance impact.) 
- Increased max global draw distance for specific objects to help prevent texture popping and glitches. 
- Increased puddle depth, size, and general wetness of rainy weathers. 
- Adjusted the color of some tree's for more realistic shades. 
- Adjusted scale of all explosion effects. 
- Adjusted hbao settings for improved quality. 
- Edited dark light visual settings. 
- Improved the color of the police helicopter spotlight.
- Improved performance across most weathers. 
- Reduced the intensity of the flashlight attachments. 
- Lowered police population amounts again. 
- Lowered the amount the taco van spawns. 
- Moved around some vehicle groups to provide more realistic spawning. 
- Added file to increase the speed traffic lights change, as well as keep traffic moving(less jams). 
- Added file to tweak player light. 
- Added explosion.ymt file to better control blast radius and explosion strength. 
- Added all my new road textures.(kept at original size to not affect performance) 
- Added new beach texture, and updated palms from H2awesome, including my own spec maps. 
- Added random events file, allowing larger scale ambient police chases with helicopters involved, 
more small crime, jay walkers, interesting drivers, and more! 
- Updated ALL optional files. 
- FILES TO UPDATE - update.rpf - x64i.rpf - x64g.rpf - ReShade FOLDER - enbseries.ini - See new options. 

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Download The Pinnacle of V - World Enhancement Project v1.8.1 - GTA V. This is a mod for Grand Theft Auto V video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.
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