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Complete AAA + BA's Top 100 Prospects (Updated 5/16/11)

BSU-FAN | May 19 2011 | 11318 hits

*NoFakeNames14 Update has all transactions, lineups, and rotations accurate as off 5/16/11. It also has updated portrait numbers for over 30 players to match that of the the "2K rosters". This makes Raidersbball20's portraits 100% compatible with these rosters. 

*This update includes all prior additions like "fake name" fix and BA's Top 100 Prospects. Plus is now has complete and accurately adjusted AAA players. ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!! 

*This roster includes ALL up to date 25 man rosters and line-ups as of 5/16/11 along with imfam0us' "Color Fix" which is a very nice improvement so a big thanks to him for his hard work!!!!!

This roster has ALL (AND I MEAN ALL) MLB transactions and current line-ups and rotations as of 5/16/11!!!!!!!!!! This roster now has ALL 30 major league teams and ALL AAA teams updated with accurate AAA rosters as of 4/24/11. All 60 teams have been checked and rechecked for complete accuracy. Every single player that has played in a MLB game this year is now in this roster. Any players who are currently injured that are up in the majors are now healed but in AAA. Any player injured in AAA are now in AA. To go along with that it also has every prospect on Baseball Americas Top 100 prospects list. Each prospect is complete with accurate attributes, birthdays, and cyberfaces to look as much like the player as possible(I could only use what 2K gave me...and they don't like beards on white guys for some reason lol) I also matched gear they wear, batting stances, and pitching motions for the ones with videos and photos available. This also has 200+ of the non-MLBPA players or "Fake Named" players changed to their correct names. This roster has over 100+ hours of editing involved at this point so alot was done to ensure accuracy. I want to give a special thanks to infam0ous who fixed the colors for numbers, gear, and batting helmets to match to as close to real as possible. I hope everyone appreciates the endless hours I have put into everything for ratings to small details on what players wear. Like always ENJOY and let me know what you think!!!!!

Also a few tips for franchise mode with these rosters: 

1.Watch out for High rated prospects like Bryce Harper and Mike Trout mostly moving up into the majors too fast. I play my franchise with the "make changes to the computer team" option on or use the "Control all 30 Teams" method; so if i notice any players have moved up and I think it's too early I send them back down. 

2.The AI ALWAYS re-adjusts the batting orders and rotations after spring training is over and the regular season begins...UNTIL NOW. So...If you are anal like me and want to have each teams correct line-ups and rotations after spring training; follow these fairly easy steps. First you'll need to set your franchise up so you have "user control" of all 30 teams. Next you will need to turn injuries "OFF"(Only Temporarily if you want to still have them throughout the season). Once you get into your franchise it will ask you if you want to make your 40 man roster moves; select the option "DO NOTHING". Then sim through all of spring training and when it asks you to make your 25 man roster moves again select "DO NOTHING". Then once the regular season begins you'll need to change each teams settings under "Franchise Automation" to CPU auto-manage; except the one(s) you will be playing with. Now ALL batting orders, line-ups, and rotations are still in tact and 100% accurate. Now it will stay that way until injuries or fatigue forces the computer AI to make changes. I used to get the unbelievably accurate line-ups and rotations for this roster so I would check there if you are looking for the most current ones before you began your franchise.

3.If you want players that are injured in real life; injured in the game. I use Ty Wiggins' Roster Editor and make the players I want injured once I have simmed through spring training and started playing the regular season. I usually just focus on severe injuries where guys are out for extended periods of time and let the other just happen in game. This is a very easy and affective way to manage all of your injuries in a very realistic way. I can set exact dates I want players like Johan Santana to come back from injury on. So long injury bug.

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Download Complete AAA + BA's Top 100 Prospects (Updated 5/16/11). This is a mod for Major League Baseball 2K11 video game.

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