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Duong Match Graphics Replacement Fusion 10

Duong | November 18 2009 | 45075 hits

 |> General features <|

*ENB Series (developed by Boris Vorontsov) parameters:
-New shader settings
-Enhanced texture rendering
-New lighting parameters
-Bloom effects, indirect lighting and occlusion enabled.
*Duong's Match Graphics Replacement 10:
-New 3D grass - shorter and sharper, with new texture
-New generic grass texture
-Updated face shadows
-New kit shadows
-New grass lighting & shadows parameters
-New kits' & players' model lighting
-New in-game PostFX effects that will apply to both cinematics and normal match graphics.
-New tunnel lighting
-Each match time (sunny, overcast, sunset, night) has its own set of lighting parameters that are tuned to be as realistic as possible.
-Depth of Field reconfiguration.
-Level of details and render rate reconfiguration.
-New nets.
-All above parameters fine tuned to efficiently correspond with ENB Series settings.
|> Specific features <|
***The patch is available in 3 modes: Low Specs, Medium Specs and High Specs.
*High Specs:
-For more powerful computers (Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz+, 2GB+ RAM, External VGA 256MB+, supporting Pixel Shader 3.0)
-DOF and AA and AF functioning at the same time.
-Shader settings at highest levels.
-Textures optimized.
*Medium Specs:
-For more mid-range computers (2.5GHZ+, 1GB+ RAM, External VGA 128MB+, supporting Pixel Shader 2.0)
-Shader settings at average levels.
-Textures mildly optimized.
*Low Specs:
-For computers barely meeting the recommended system requirements of the original FIFA 10
-Shader settings at lowest levels.
-No texture optimization.
|> Installation <|
***Windows Vista & Windows7 users: please turn off User Account Control before installation and run the patch as administrator.***
***CAUTION!! DO NOT shift any file inside the folder 'Duong's Match Graphics Replacement Fusion 10 beta v0.5' to another location.
I repeat, DO NOT do that.***
|> Patch installation <|
-Extract this RAR file to any location.
-Backup your zdata_36.big,, zdata_38.big and by making copies of these files, then move them to a different folder. Preferrably, backup your WHOLE data folder (located at FIFA 10/data), if you have enough free disk space in your computer.
-Next, simply double-click on the mode you want to install, and wait for the command window to finish processing. And guess what! You're done :)
*To revert back to EA's original graphics, double click 'Restore EA's Original Settings.bat' and wait for the command window to finish processing.
**If you encounter a bug, please report back to me at:
|> Credits <|
A huge thanks to Boris Vorontsov ( for his development of the ENB Series.

Alternative Mirrors

FIFA 10 (also known as FIFA Soccer 10 in North America) is the latest instalment of Electronic Arts' FIFA series of football video games. Developed by EA Canada, it is published by Electronic Arts worldwide under the EA Sports label.

-Individual Team Styles * New Team Styles will allow you to change your style of play based on your opposition to create a more dynamic experience while exploiting weaknesses in their game, and building on your own teams' strengths. There are 26 team styles such as Wingplay, Target Man, and Offside Trap.

-Custom Team Styles * Offers 14 fully customisable options that offer a new depth to the FIFA Soccer 10 tactical experience. Set your team out to play the way you like.

-Be A Pro: Club and Country * compete in league, cup and continental competitions over 4 full season's while trying to secure a spot on your nation's 2010 World Cup as the mode unfolds. A new performance rating system and improved action icons will help you improve your game providing instant feedback on all actions you make in-game.

-Pre-match scouting reports * Learning to play professional soccer the correct way is even easier now with insight from your manager. Pre-match scouting reports help plan your attack against every opponent, highlighting their team style and key players to watch out for, giving you tactical advice on how to beat them.

-Overhauled Manager Mode * Improved AI Engine to ensure league table are more realistic and consider the quality of the team, so ensure more realistic league tables and cup competitions.

-Season Mode * Take your club through the most in-depth Season Mode to date and compete in official league fixtures, cup and continental competitions. Similar to Manager Mode, but without some of the complexities such as player transfers and salaries providing a more accessible option to guiding your favourite team to glory.

-Live Season - Dynamic updates of player information in-game that mirrors real-life performances. Feel the change in gameplay performance as football teams in the real world experience the highs and lows during the season. Leagues included: English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1 Orange, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and Mexican Primera Division.

-More responsive gameplay * the animation system in FIFA Soccer 10 has been enhanced to allow for a more fluid experience. Given more control over you players than ever before.

-Updated collision system * New collision avoidance system means that players are less likely to get in the way and collide with team mates

-New and Improved Set-Plays * Quick throw-ins, free-kicks and corners all you to keep the tempo going. More appropriate players will also come up for corners.

-Improved goalkeepers * Goalkeeper AI intelligence has been improved, so that keepers now make more authentic decisions, with improved variation in shot stopping and deflections. They also have better reflexes with the ability to make that all important last ditch save. They are quicker off their line in 1 on 1 situations, take up better positions and behave in line with their overall team styles-Online refinements * The online experience has been refined and made more accessible. Disconnect issues and slow online frame rate have been addressed and fixed, and new features such as Friends Lists and Chat Notification have been added for a more complete online experience.

-New Russian League *Increase the portfolio of leagues available.

Download Duong Match Graphics Replacement Fusion 10. This is a mod for FIFA 10 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.