FIFA 21 New Portraits in the Official Update

New portraits have been released in the latest FIFA 21 Update. Most of them are from the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga. No team from Serie A has been updated. Barcelona has not been updated either. So no new portraits for Messi or Cristiano. Check them out.


Marquee Matchups SBC

A new Marques Matchups SBC has been released. The group reward is a Rare Electrum Players Pack. Check out requirements and cheapest squads.


FIFA 21 Update 4 Released on PC

The latest Title Update for FIFA 21 is now available on PC (Origin/Steam) and includes changes in gameplay, VOLTA, PRO Clubs and Career Mode. Check them out.


Objective : Kean Silver Star

You can get Kean TOTW by just completing a few objectives by playing Friendlies in the Silver Lounge ( that means playing exactly with Silver Players ).


Goalscorer in Munich SBC

A new UEFA Champions League SBC has been released. An untradeable Rare Mixed Players Pack is the reward. Check out the solutions and rewards we got.

NBA 2K10 Jersey Editor V 1.1 Released

  POSTED December 19 |   VIEWS 18111

A new version of Jersey Editor for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone.  This new version includes :

- import numbers and fonts without the need to index colours
- now Jersey Editor decompresses files

Click on Read More to get the link and check out instructions on how to use this amazing tool.



If you want to change the positions of numbers and names you only have to move the trackbars.

The program remembers the last position of the trackbars when you start it.

To add short number you must check the ShortNumber checkbox.

To insert new numbers or fonts you have to insert them as indexed(256 colors) with transparency .png file.

To insert other textures you must insert them with the same format and mipmaps as the original except if the original is a .bmp file, in that case you don´t need to create mipmaps.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that if you create new numbers or fonts they were in the SAME POSITION of the texture as the original ones.

To avoid problems with the colors i recommend you create the textures from a new file.

You can´t use a perfect white(255,255,255) because it is setted as the transparent color,so if you want to use a white color on your numbers or fonts you can use all non perfect whites, for example(255,254,255).



NBA 2K10 Weekend Files

Do not miss the amazing NBA 2K10 Global V 2. 0 by fn11 ( Sweat, Hex pads, Socks, Eyes, Arm Sleeves, etc) as well as new Jerseys by Aar : Minesotta Timberwolves and Orlando Magic.

NBA 2K10 Friday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone. New Jerseys for Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, Charlotte Bobcats, 76ers and more.

NBA 2K10 Wednesday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone Magic Johnson Cyber Face BY : MGX NBA 2K10 Enhanced Player Model BY : TERRYBEGOOD NBA 2K10 Jerseys Pack V2 by Tha King BY : THA KING.

NBA 2K10 Sunday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone Amway Center BY : RATED EJ Kevin Mc Hale 92 Cyber Face BY : MGX Larry Bird 92 Cyber Face BY : MGX DeMacus Cousins Cyber Face BY : KORESH_NIK John Wall Cyber Face BY : KORESH_NIK.

NBA 2K10 Saturday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone Robert Parrish 1992 Cyber Face BY : MGX Utah Jazz 10-11 Court Floor BY : R4ZOR Monta Ellis Tattoo Update BY : KORESH_NIK.

NBA 2K10 Thursday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone NBA 2K10 Jerseys Pack by Tha King BY : THA KING Oklahoma Thunder Jerseys Update BY : AMAROWAADE Ford Center - Oklahoma Arena BY : AMAROWAADE.