New Packs in code for TOTY Promo

3 new packs have been added to FIFA 21 code. They will be surely available during this TOTY Promo. Check them out and the possible release schedule.


Ribéry Flashback SBC

Ribéry Flashback SBC has been released. You won´t believe the requirements! Check it out.


Team of the Year Revealed

Mbappé is in, Messi is out. The rest of TOTY is the one we have predicted. Check out the players and the rating of the 3 attackers currently in packs.


Suarez Moments SBC

Suarez Moments Objective is available. You need to complete 5 objectives playing in the Live FUT Friendly: World Beaters ( Max Chemistry and 3 clubs minimum ) Check out requirements, stats, and review. This Moments card celebrates his 2020 goal of the year contender vs Mallorca.


Team of the Year Prediction

11 players, the best of 2020, will get a major upgrade during the Team of the Year promo. Check out our prediction as well as enjoy the art in the concept cards we have created, that are available to download from our drive.

Community Football opens it's Forums

  POSTED October 03 |   VIEWS 9176

After receiving an exciting welcome by football fans around the world, counting already 900 fans on the official Facebook page, Community Football now gets it's own Forums!

After only a couple of weeks of it's initial announcement, Community Football 2013 has already gained a lot of attention. As a game who intends to work with the editing community, Croxy Sports want to hear opinions, suggestions and questions by anyone interested in the details of this effort. The team encourages everyone to post their comments, as people's feedback means a lot to the them and they will read every post and every question and will try to answer them all! You might also want to visit their Facebook Page.

As of those who wonder about the progress of the project, it's still on early development but everything works according to the creators' plan.

Stay tuned for more news about this exciting new prospect, called Community Football...


Community Football 2013 Faces 3D Models

Community Football has just released 3D shot of Luka Modri. It's still untexturized and half finished, but it already looks amazing. Check their Facebook fan page and follow them for more news about upcoming new soccer simulation.

Community Football 2013 Announced

Our good friend Hrvoje ( you may remember him from FIFA and PES editing scene ) brings us some great news. He, as producer, and a enthusiastic team of programmers, animators and graphic designers are working on a football game : Community Football 2013.