Team of the Week 9 Prediction

This is our Team of The Week 9 Prediction. Cristiano, Haland, Lukaku among the best players that would probably be included in the next TOTW. Check out other players and the reasons behind this prediction.


EFL Championship Squad Foundations Objectives

3 English Football League Championship players have been awarded special items that you can get by completing Squad Foundation's objectives. King, Sinclair and Dack. Check out the objectives you have to complete to get these items.


Hector Bellerín League Player Objective

Hector Bellerín League Player card has been released and you can get by completing objectives playing friendlies, in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece.


New Packs in Code probably coming next Black Friday

New packs have been added to FUT 21 code and they are probably related to Black Friday's promo. They guarantee players with an overall of 81+ or 83+. Check out the details.


Icons SBCs are back

Icon SBCs are back with 3 icons. 2 Mid Icons, Figo and Zanetti, and a Base Icon, van der Saar. You have 30 days to complete them and all packs you get for completing this SBC are tradeable. Check out the details.

Football Manager 2010 Match Engine Video

  POSTED September 14 |   VIEWS 7041

At, Football Manager Developers released a new Football Manager 2010 match engine video. They also posted some details regarding to advanced tactics and touchline shouts ( amazing feature! ) Check out the video and for more CLICK HERE and visit the Football Manager 2010 Video Channel here at ModdingWay and watch more videos related to the game.

  Football Manager 2010 Match Engine Video

It's really easy to set up tactics in Football Manager 2010, and more "football like" in the way it's done.

Some managers and people, however, want to go a lot deeper with their tactical settings.
Also as mentioned yesterday, it's still possible to use the old system of sliders to set up tactics. But using the new system, there is also an advanced mode to be able to set up each individual player to play exactly as you want them to.
In this advanced mode (which you can get to by left clicking on any player on the tactic screen) you can set up individual player instructions much as you would have done in the old tactics system.
Whilst the old options are still there (like mentality, closing down, run with ball, long shots etc), there are also a few new options: "wide play" and "roam from position" for outfield players; and "distribute to" for goalkeepers.
"Wide play" gives you options to ask your wingers - or any player getting into a wide position - to "hug touchline", "cut inside" or "move into channels".
"Roam from position" allows players to, err, roam from position, and find themselves space.
"Distribute to" allows you to specify which player the goalkeeper should¨target with his kicks and throws.
"Roaming" is also used in team instructions, so you can ask all of your players to "stick to position", "more roaming" or leave it turned off.
Touchline shouts are also something that are new for Football Manager 2010. These enable a manager to make very quick changes tactcally while a match is playing, with a plethora of options. By clicking the "touchline instructions" button in TV view you can change the teams overall strategy with a couple of clicks, or use the "shortcuts" to change to a previously saved tactic, make a quick substitution, target an opposition player, set player marking, swap two players or change any player role.
You can also issue instructions. There are 22 instructions in total, and all of these automatically change the way your players will play, and are bunched into groups, so multiple instructions can be issued at one, but just one from each category. They are (drum roll please):
Retain Possession
Get Ball Forward
Pass Into Space
Pass To Feet
Pump Ball Into Box
Clear Ball To Flanks
Shoot On Sight
Work Ball Into Box
Exploit the Flanks
Exploit the Middle
Look For Overlap
Take A Breather
Play Wider
Play Narrower
Push High Up
Drop Deeper
Hassle Opponents
Stand Off Opponents
Get Stuck In
Stay On Feet
Play Even Safer
Take More Risks
...All of which are pretty self explanatory.
So, to summarise the new tactics system in FM2010: it's faster to use,¨easier to understand, more football based and more powerful than ever before!

FM 2010 Official Patch 10.3

Sports Interactive and SEGA are delighted to announce a free data update for Football Manager 2010 has been released for the PC and Mac. The data update includes all transfers and management movements up to and including the January transfer window, as well as the 10.

Football Manager 2010 Week Files

More files for Football Manager 2010 have been added to our Download Zone. Do not miss the new adboards set or the Real Madrid Skin. New tactics and tools.

Football Manager 2010 Mods

If you are a Football Manager fan you would probably like to try this tactics, skins and graphic mods for the game. Arsenal Skin V 1.

Football Manager 2010 Official Patch 10.2.0

A new Football Manager 2010 Official Patch has been released. Version 10. 2. 0.

Football Manager 2010 Official Patch

Sigames released their update 10. 1. 0 for Football Manager 2010. Many updates, fixes and improvements have been added to Match Engine, Interface, etc. This is the first patch for Football Manager 2010. Click here to download it and check out the list of improvements.

Football Manager 2010 Demo

Sports Interactive has released a playable demo of Football Manager 2010, allowing you to try out this PC/Mac sequel scheduled for October 30th.