FUT 21 TOTW 12 - Team of the Week

  POSTED December 16, 2020

Team of the Week 12 has been revealed. A few surprises and some expected players missing. Check out the TOTW12 Starting XI.

  • Emiliano Martinez
  • Kane
  • Carlos Soler
  • Lucas Paquetá
  • Zelarayán (HERO)
  • Antony
  • Weissman
  • Sorescu
  • Gigliotti (HERO)
  • Mancuso
  • Clarke-Harris
  • Molders

So far, taking into account substitutes, we have predicted 7 players in the starting lineup. Not a good prediction at all. 

Koundé. He had a great match even he didn´t score, but we believed that due to his RTTF card and the focus EA has on Premier League, that place could be for Stones or Shaw. In the end a nice surprise.

Ginter. One assist but no clean sheet. Probably the best of his team. Not a great performance but he found his place in TOTW 12.

Mkhitaryan.  Probably our mistake to not taking him into consideration. He thought that the presence of Lozano will prevent EA to pick another Serie A player and not to mention that Mkhitaryan already had an IF.

Bamba. We thought that since his POTM is still active EA wouldn´t grant him a deserved IF. But it´s the second time that EA does the same. First with Son, now with Bamba. Our mistake.

Anyway, we have predicted one Hero card and the Silver Star. Not bad.

The first player SBC has been released. It´s a Nike-Inspired Flashback of Kevin De Bruyne celebrating his early career ...
Complete this SBC to earn 11 LaLiga Players Rated 81+ or higher. The price is around 90 K.
Complete this SBC to earn two Rare Gold Players rated 86 OVR or higher.