Haller Team of the Group Stage SBC

  POSTED December 04, 2021


Sébastien Haller received a Team of The Group Stage card that you can get through an easy SBC. One squad is required and the price is around 60k. Check out details.


  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 50
    • Price: 60 K


The Good

  •    Good Shooting Stats ( Positioning, Finishing, Shot Power = 90 )
  •    Good Short Passing and Vision
  •    Great Composure ( 90 )
  •    Outstanding Strength ( 94 )
  •    Great Heading Accuracy and Jumping
  •    Weak Foot 4 ( different than his gold card )
  •    Traits: Power Header

The Bad

  •    Acceleration is not as good as his Sprint Speed
  •    Skills Moves 3
  •    Balance could be a problem if not upgraded with a chemistry style
  •    No Flair, Finesse, or Outside Foot Shot traits
  •    Links

From our point of view, this card has a problem. The stats are good but not top. There is no Chemistry Style that could help to increase his pace, dribbling stats, and raise his shooting stats to top-tier ones.

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