Luuk Brouwers Eeredivisie Player of The Month SBC

  POSTED November 05, 2021


Luuk Brouwers from Go Awead Eagels has been picked Eredivisie Player of the Month. His 81 rated card, requires a single squad for a total value of around 10K in this Squad Building Challenge. Check out requirements and review.

 Luuk Brouwers

  •  Players from the Netherlands: Min 1
  •  Squad Rating: Min 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min 80
    •  Price: 10K


The Good

  • Great Stamina (92)
  • Great Standing and Sliding Tackle
  • Acceptable short and long passing

The Bad

  • Weak Foot 2
  • Low Composure (77)
  • Low Sprint (78)
  • Acceptable Balance
  • Mediocre Reactions and Agility
  • Med Defensive Work Rate ( not good for a CDM )

An average card in which only the stamina is worth it. An 83 squad for an 81 card seems not fair. When these low-rated cards receive a POTM award, EA should find a way to give them stats that at least make them useful. Otherwise, they are only worth it if you are a player o team fan.

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