Pedro Flashback SBC

  ExpiredFIFA 22

The first flashback card is here and it´s Pedro, celebrating his first Premier League 2015-2016 season. As we predicted it could be a player from Serie A or Ligue according to previous years. We thought it could be Smalling from Roma but it´s Pedro from Lazio. 5 squads for a total of about 87K. Check out requirements and review.

 Gold Squad

  • Player Level: Min Gold
  •  Team Chemistry: Min 30
    •  Reward: Two Players Pack
    •  Price: 6K

 Rare Gold Squad

  • Player Level: Min Gold
  • Rare: Min 11
  •  Team Chemistry: Min 30
    •  Reward: Two Players Pack
    •  Price: 8K

 Top Form

  • IF Players: Min 1
  •  Squad Rating: Min 83
  •  Team Chemistry: Min 80
    •  Reward: Gold Pack
    •  Price: 21 K

 Past and Present

  •  Players from Premier League: Min 1
  •  Players from Serie A TIM: Min 1
  •  Squad Rating: Min 84
  •  Team Chemistry: Min 75
    •  Reward: Small Electrum Players Pack
    •  Price: 20K

 La Furia Roja

  •  Players from Spain: Min 1
  •  Squad Rating: Min 85
  •  Team Chemistry: Min 70
    •  Reward: Premium Gold Pack
    •  Price: 34K


Too expensive. Probably not even your squad is rated 85 like the one they ask for in La Furia Roja SBC.

In Favor

  • 5 Weak Foot
  • 4 Skill Moves
  • 98 acceleration
  • 93 agility
  • 93 Balance


  • 77 Sprint Speed
  • 48 Strength


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