Sabitzer TOTY Honourable Mention SBC

  POSTED January 31, 2021


No, it´s not Müller. It´s Sabitzer. According to the price of this SBC, it seems Sabitzer has become an Icon or something like that. Anyway if you still want to try this SBC here are the requirements.

  Sabitzer TOTY Honourable Mention SBC

 RB Leipzig

  • RB Leipzig players: Min. 1
  •  Squad Rating: 84
  • Team Chemistry: 75
    •  Price: 70 K
    •  Reward: Prime Mixed Players Pack

 Top Form

  • TOTW Players: Min. 1
  •  Squad Rating: 86
  • Team Chemistry: 65
    •  Price: 200 K
    •  Reward: Premium Gold Players Pack


  • Bundesliga Players: Min. 1
  •  Squad Rating: 87
  • Team Chemistry: 55
    •  Price: 260 K
    •  Reward: Rare Electrum Players Pack

  • Total Price around 530 - 560 K

Here Sabitzer compared to Roberto Firmino Freeze

The first player SBC has been released. It´s a Nike-Inspired Flashback of Kevin De Bruyne celebrating his early career ...
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