Nordi Mukiele RuleBreaker Review

  POSTED October 28, 2020

One of the objectives still available. Not difficult to complete it. A really useful player if you are looking for a French o Bundesliga Right-Back. There are a few tips to take advantage of his stats. Check them out.

It´s not his speed, it´s not his defensive stats. What makes him a good choice is his dribbling and physical stats. Strong, tall, but agile. Good reactions and dribbling, interesting composure. But of course, there are problems so let´s find out how to fix them.

The first problem is his Marking or Def. Awareness stat. By default, he doesn´t have good defensive stats, but that can be solved. The best Chemistry for him is SENTINEL. That will increase his Marking stat by 10 ( only chem that will do that ) and it will reach 82. Still not high but at least decent. Interceptions will rise to 90. The problem here is that you will have to be careful with through balls. His low marking doesn´t help to track the defender closely. You have to be sure to take control of him when you see a through ball is coming. 

The second problem is related to the first one. Anyone will choose to SHADOW as chemistry but that´s an error. A marking stat of less than 80 is not recommendable. It´s better to have less standing or sliding tackle than marking. So if you don´t improve his pace you will have great speed (93) but not so great acceleration (85). So how to use him in attack ? ( with those dribbling stats is a shame not to do it ). Just pass him the ball once he already started his run. Once he reaches his top speed he is unstoppable! Don´t pass him the ball to his feet to start a run, he will have problems. 

Here you can watch a clip of his assist in a DIV 3 Rivals Match. You can see his strength ( also increased by SENTINEL Chemistry ). 

This was his performance in that match

CLICK HERE to find out how to complete the objectives to get his card.

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