Renato Sanches TOTW Review

  POSTED October 27, 2020

Renato Sanches is one of the favorite players in FIFA 21. But is he worth it? Why is he extinct right now? Are there other options in Ligue 1 or Portugues CM? Let´s find out. 

Aggresive, tireless box to box midfielder. That´s the way to describe him. Does he have any weaknesses? First, his composure is not good. 78 is a low composure and there is no way to increase it. That could harm his passing and shooting under pressure. But ... anything else? Probably not. Of course, he is not even close to a Medium Gullit but for instance, compare him with Thomas Partey OTW. Renato Sanches (82) has 2298 In-Game Stats vs Partey (86) has 2288. That shows you that the overall rating, many times, means nothing. 

His stamina is outstanding, his pace very good. Balance, aggression, dribbling, at the level of top players. His High / High work rate is the reason why he is so good in a box to box role. He can be involved in attack and defense, with good numbers in both. 

So which chemistry to apply. If you are looking to improve defense and shooting stats, GLADIATOR is the choice. That will increase his finishing to 85. And check his FUTIcon Stats. KILLER 85, PLAYMAKER 82, THE WALL 83, ATHLETE 85.

The only two players close to him in Ligue 1 are Verratti ( great composure but lack of speed ) and Aouar. Both of them with less in-game stats than him. Even if you compare him with prime Deco, his stats are better.


Great player. His market value reflects that. He is not available right now neither on consoles or PC. Probably owners are waiting for the maximum price to be increased to place him on the transfer list. If you have the money, a Ligue 1 squad, or a Portuguese team, he is a must. If you find him available in the market don´t even hesitate to get him. There is no other player close to fit his role unless you get an icon. 

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