Thomas Delaney TOTW Review

  POSTED October 27, 2020

This Delaney version is particularly interesting. As CB he can offer a different approach to the game. Let´s check his stats, where he succeeds, and where he fails. 

If you check his defensive stats you can find his first weakness, his Def.Awareness or Marking stat. 83 is a low number for the card cost. I mean if you are going to pay between 70-80k for the card you probably expect outstanding defensive performance and this stat could harm the chances. 

Anyway, and this is important if you are looking for a Bundesliga CB with a marking stat of 90 or higher, the only one available is Hummels. So if you compare with Alaba ( 85 ) or Klostermann ( 84 ) Delaney stat is not that bad. In fact, you can improve it with Anchor chem and give a +5 to Marking. 

With ANCHOR Chem his THE WALL ( FUTIcon Stat ) will rise to 90 improving all his defensive stats and giving a +5 to acceleration and sprint, as well as a +10 to strength and +5 to aggression. Strength and Pace are probably other weaknesses that need to be fixed through a chem style.

Delaney stats with ANCHOR Chemistry

His reactions for a defender are very good ( 83 ), as well as his agility and balance. But we face another "problem", his height. 182 cms could be a problem to defend corner-kicks. But if you take into account that many use Alaba (180 cms) or Hernandez (182 cms) that shouldn´t be a problem. Of course, you need to pair him with a taller defender ( like Bayern Munich does in real life with Alaba and Sule ). Klostermann a good option. 

His stamina is outstanding ( 93 ) but his composure is not the best ( 81 ) and here comes another "problem". There is no chemistry to improve it. But except Alaba, other Bundesliga CB doesn´t have great composure stats.


In the end, he is a stronger, more aggressive, and slightly faster version of David Alaba. Defensively he is improved version of Alaba. Of course, NIF Alaba is worth 1/4 of Delaney TOTW item. As well as Alaba, the links available are not many. It forces you to build a Bundesliga team.

An interesting option could be a 3 defenders formation including Upamecano on the right or left side to have the option to link to french players and build a hybrid with another league. Then you can change tactics in-game and use Delaney as CDM or CM. 

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