TOTW 14 - Team of the Week Prediction

  POSTED December 29, 2020

Not an easy prediction. We have already posted a few days ago the problems related to fixtures changes because of holidays. So this is our prediction based on how EA decided previous TOTWs in similar situations. But the way, not a great TOTW but probably a few players that can be interesting.

Starting XI 1. Navas - PSG

Clean sheet and solid performance in the PSG 4-0 victory over Strasbourg. Sincerely we pick him because no other goalkeepers had outstanding performances. As you see in the wildcards, the alternative could be Areola. 

2. Lenglet - Barcelona

1 goal, and probably his first In-Form in FIFA 21. Good performance in Barcelona´s victory over Valladolid.

3. Skriniar - Inter

1 goal in Inter victory over Hellas Verona. Another player that would get his first IF in FIFA 21.

4. Max - PSV

1 goal and 1 assist for the German player. It will depend on EA's decision to give or not an In-Form to Carrasco. If he does not get the IF, this place could be for one of our wildcards, Mario Hermoso from Atlético Madrid. Also if EA decides not to give Sterling an In-Form this place could be reserved for Cancelo. 

5. Calhanoglu - Milan

2 assist, 1 goal and Man of the Match. No doubt that he will get his first IF in FIFA 21.

6. Casemiro - Real Madrid

1 goal and Man of the Match. It will be his first IF in FIFA 21. Remember a few weeks ago he got a Freeze item awarded.

7. Ndombelé - Tottenham

1 goal. Not sure if this will be enough. But you probably remember his famous OTW card in FIFA that never got upgraded. If it is not now not sure when he will get an IF. 

8. Carrasco - Atlético Madrid

2 assists, best player of the match. They need to make this TOTW at least a bit interesting. This player should be on the team. 

9. Sterling - Manchester City.

1 assist, solid performance. Again, they need to make this TOTW at least a bit interesting. Sterling with his position switched to RW could contribute to making this TOTW better.

10. Ribery - Fiorentina

His back. 1 assist and Man of the Match. 

11. Visca - Estambul Başakşehir

1 goal and 1 assist. Despite what we posted in this tweet we believe his position could be changed to RF.

  • Meslier - Leeds
  • Saiss - Wolves
  • Guido Rodríguez - Betis
  • Saka - Arsenal
  • Muriel - Atalanta
  • Dia - Rennes
  • Rubén García - Osasuna
Silver Star

We believe that again Kadewere deserves this award. 1 goal + 1 assist.

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