Team of the Week 13 Prediction

  POSTED December 22, 2020

This is our Team of the Week 13 prediction. Firmino is the star player. Not a great TOTW. As always we predict the starting XI, substitutes and possible Silver Stars.

1. Reina - Lazio

Great match for the Spanish veteran. Clean sheet, 6 saves and Man of the Match.

2. Dumfries - PSV

1 goal and best player in his team. This would be his second In-Form in FIFA 21. Remember he already got a Rule Breaker card too.

3. Da Silva - Rennes

Another goal and man of the match. This would be his second In-Form.

4. Mina - Everton

His goal gave Everton their victory over Arsenal. King of the Match. 

5. Koopminers - AZ

2 goals and 1 assist. Definitely an outstanding performance. His first In-Form this season. 

6. Ilicic - Atalanta

1 goal and 2 assists and only in 45 minutes in Atalanta´s victory 4-1 over Roma.

7. McTominay - Manchester United

2 goals in 3 minutes, so he became the first player in Premier League history to score twice in the opening three minutes. So he can get a Record Breaker too.

8. Everton - Benfica

1 goal and a great performance. 

9. Suárez - Atlético Madrid

2 goals. It would be his second In-Form and his Ones to Watch would be improved too. 

10. Firmino - Liverpool

The star of this TOTW 13. 2 goals and 1 assist. This would be his second In-Form this season. 

11. Benzemá - Real Madrid

Another player that would get his second In-Form. 1 goal and 2 assists in Real Madrid´s victory over Eibar. As well as Firmino he had already a great performance in his midweek match.

  • Horn - Koln
  • Unai Nuñez - At. Bilbao
  • Buendía - Norwich
  • Grifo - Freiburg
  • Brais Méndez - Celta
  • Abraham - Chelsea
  • Gerard Moreno - Villarreal
Wildcards - The Martial butterfly effect 

Martial had a great week with 3 assists and 1 goal in 2 matches. So, if Martial gets a place in the starting XI that could lead to other changes. EA could decide not to give Suarez his SIF and give McTominay a Record Breaker. Or even Martial and McTominay could be both in the team ( 2 players from the same team in TOTW happened in previous versions of the game ).

Another contender is Aouar. As part of the Martial butterfly effect, if McTominay is benched, Aouar could have a place in the starting XI.

Record Breaker

Rafael Leao ( Milan ) has broken the record for the fastest goal in Serie A history (6.2 seconds). EA could perfectly give him a Record Breaker card.

Silver Stars

There are many players that could get a Silver Star and it´s really difficult to predict. We believe that Kadewere could be an interesting option. Just look at those stats! But it would be difficult that EA would give that card by only winning a few matches. Jankto is a nice option to link him with Vydra.

And Cristiano, Lewandowski, Salah, Morata?

Salah got an IF less than a month ago, he won´t be eligible for a new one. Morata a Team of the Group Stage item ( equivalent to an In-Form ) 2 weeks ago. And we believe that Cristiano or Lewandowski won´t get a second In-Form for scoring just two goals. They need an outstanding performance with at least a hat-trick or more than one goal and assists. 

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