Team Of The Week 11 Predictions So Far - Update

  POSTED December 07, 2020

It seemed it wouldn´t be a great TOTW but many players performed great in their weekend matches. Check out the candidates so far to be included in the next Team of the Week. Of course, there are still matches to be played so more players could get In-Forms. 

Update December 7

So let´s check some new players added to predictions


A few weeks ago Neuer had an In-Form in a 1-1 match due to 2 or 3 impressive saves. Well, that´s what happened yesterday with Nick Pope. Not sure if he is gonna get it. In favor of Neuer, it happened that not too many Bundesliga players had good performances to be en TOTW that week. Let´s see.


Great match, 1 goal, 1 assist. This would be his first In-Form this season. No doubt he will be in the starting XI.


It´s him or Kane, both with 1 goal + 1 assist. But Kane already had an IF and a Rulebreaker. Of course, Son has been awarded a POTM ( still available to complete through SBC ) and that could go against his chances. 

On December 6 we have already nominated


Probably he could become one of the most wanted players of this TOTW. His card would be insane with an upgrade from 81 to 84. 1 assist + 1 goal for a defender that already has 11 assists and 16 goals this season. 


2 goals ( one of them just amazing ) It would be his second In-Form. We believe they could boost his shooting to the maximum allowed regarding his upgrade from 85 to 86.


No doubt he could get an IF. Great goal and performance by the French midfielder. Currently playing as CDM so his position would change. Upgraded from 86 to 87.


2 goals and to get his second IF this season. In the same match, Coman made 3 assists but since he was awarded a TOTGS card last Friday he won´t be eligible for this TOTW. That´s why we picked Müller.


Great performance, man of the match and 2 assists. We believe he really deserves this IF. It would be his first one this season. 


Well, this is a difficult prediction but we believe that that tweet from the official La Liga Twitter account could lead to a potential TOTW. Let´s see but without IF this season, we could make his way to the TOTW 11 starting XI.


Goal + assist. His OTW would be upgraded too! He got an In-Form in TOTW 8 but we believe that he could get a new one 3 weeks after that one. Anyway, his OTW card has increased around 25 K since yesterday. 


Goal + assist. It would be his second In-Form this season. This one would be as CM ( remember in his previous IF his position changed to CF )


Another Right-Back joins the party. Probably too many but Trippier also has a great performance with 2 assists. This would be his first IF this season. By the way, even with an IF his card ( 85 ) doesn´t look interesting at all. This player needs a special card to boost his stats, we believe EA lost a chance to assign him a Rule Breaker. 


1 goal could be enough to make it to TOTW. The fact is Zouma probably deserved to be in TOTW a few weeks ago, we already predicted him in a past TOTW. This card could get an interesting boost to its speed that it could really make it usable. 

Of course, we already predicted other players that you can find at our @futiconok Twitter account.

We will continue updating this post if we predict more players for this TOTW.

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