Mukiele Rulebreaker Objective

  ExpiredFIFA 21

A new objective is available. It´s Mukiele Rulebreaker. An interesting RB you can get by completing 5 tasks. Check what you need to earn this player.


  • Assist 4 goals with Crosses using Bundesliga players in the FUT Friendly: Rulebreakers Classic
  • Assist 5 goals using French Defenders in the FUT Friendly: Rulebreakers Classic
  • Score in 6 separate matches using French Players in the FUT Friendly: Rulebreakers Classic
  • Score 12 goals using Bundesliga Players in the FUT Friendly: Rulebreakers Classic
  • Win 6 Matches in the FUT Friendly: Rulebreakers Classic


  • 1800 XP
  • Gold Pack
  • Premium Pack
  • Electrum Players Pack
  • Small Electrum Players Pack
  • +75 Rare Gold Player
  • Mukiele RULEBREAKER Untradeable

Key Player to complete this SBC


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