FIFA 23 Crossplay Info

The first news about FIFA 23 Cross-play has been leaked by @DonkTrading. Crossplay involving 4 platforms! Check out the details.

 FIFA 23 Crossplay

  • According to @DonkTrading Crossplay will be present in FIFA 23 and it will involve 4 platforms: PS5, XBSX, PC, and Stadia! So PC and Stadia will join PS5 and XBO Series X. PS4 and XBOX One won´t be included.

For PC this means that the game will be Next Gen. This surely will impact PC requirements. We will keep you informed about that.

  • All game modes will be included. FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM too!
  • It will be possible to turn it ON or OFF.
  • All 4 platforms will share ONE Transfer Market!

This video reviews Crossplay in FIFA 22


Position Modifiers Changes in FUT23

According to @FutSheriff, there will be no more specific Position Modifier cards in FUT 23. Every player will have a primary position and many of them a secondary position that you will be able to switch by using a generic position modifier card. Check out the details.

Icon Moments Player Pick SBC

Complete this SBC to earn 1 of 3 Moments (highest OVR) version of an Icon. Check out the details.

FIFA 23 Changes in Chemistry Revealed

According to @WeaverImBMW4er, the FUT 23 Chemistry System will be reworked. It seems that it will be easier to build a team. We have to see how this will impact the market and the Squads Building Challenges. Check out the details.