FIFA 23 Changes in Chemistry Revealed

According to @WeaverImBMW4er, the FUT 23 Chemistry System will be reworked. It seems that it will be easier to build a team. We have to see how this will impact the market and the Squads Building Challenges. Check out the details.

 FIFA 23 New Chemistry System

According to @WeaverIMWer, the FUT 23 Chemistry System will be reworked.

- It looks like every Nation/League works with every Nation/League
- CHEMISTRY will be replaced by STARS
- Team can get up to 3 Stars

Nothing more has been revealed about it.

 How could it work

If every nation/league will work with every nation/league, that means you will be able to link Neymar, Ronaldo, Benzema, and Bellingham without any penalty. This could also mean the end of Chemistry Styles.

But… it was also revealed that Chemistry will be replaced by Stars. So you will probably be able to link any player, but if you link players from the same club, link, or nation, you can have 1, 2, or 3 stars and that will increase the player's stats. We're not sure how it will work or if the changes will make things too different from now on, but this could have consequences on the Transfer Market and Squads Building Challenges.


If there will be no penalty for linking players from different nations or leagues, that could boost the prices of cards from small leagues that could be considered meta. Imagine the price of special items for players from the Saudi League like Anderson Talisca without the limitation of links.

It will be also interesting to see how this will impact Squads Building Challenges where usually a Team Chemistry ranking is required. But in the end, if Stars will replace Chemistry in the way we believe probably the impact won´t be as much as expected.


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