TOTS Swaps 1 Rewards Available

TOTS Swaps 1 Rewards are available. Ballack and Figo Moments are among the rewards. Our TOTS Swaps Tokens Tracker is Live! Check out the details.

 TOTS Swaps Tokens

You can follow the Swaps Tokens in our Live Tracker
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Earn your first TOTS Swaps #1 token by logging in to FUT between May 6th and May 27th, 18:00 UTC. You can earn up to 25 TOTS Swaps #1 tokens in-game. These tokens will mostly be made available across various Squad Building Challenges and Objectives, with one being offered in a pack in the FUT Store during the TOTS campaign.

 TOTS Swaps Rewards

  • 2 TOKENS
  • 3 TOKENS
    • Guaranteed Saudi League TOTS Pack
  • 3 TOKENS
    • Guaranteed EFL TOTS Pack
  • 3 TOKENS
    • Guaranteed Eredivisie TOTS Pack
  • 5 TOKENS
    • Guaranteed Community TOTS Pack
  • 5 TOKENS
    • Ultimate Pack
  • 7 TOKENS
    • Bundesliga TOTS Pack
  • 10 TOKENS
    • Premier League TOTS Pack
  • 14 TOKENS
    • Premier League o Bundesliga TOTS Player Pick ( 1 of 3 )
  • 15 TOKENS
    • 84+ x 25 Pack
  • 16 TOKENS
    • Ballack Moments Icon

  • 19 TOKENS
    • Premier League TOTS Pick ( 1 of 3 )
  • 22 TOKENS
    • Figo Moments Icon

The second TOTS Swaps program which will kick off on the 27th of May.


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