FIFA 22 Update #4 Announced

  POSTED January 11, 2022

Changes in the gameplay, improved goalkeepers, as well as updated kits and new star heads, will be present in the next FIFA 22 Update. Check out the details.


The most important changes are

  • Driven Passes ( R1 ) will be probably nerfed since players standing in the ball’s travel path will be more likely to intercept them.
  • Goalkeepers will be improved when shots are aimed close to them.
  • Shooting assistance will be reduced when attempting a shot in situations where the goalkeeper is positioned closer to either one of their posts.
  • Improved switching with the right stick when you are trying to switch to a Center Back.
  • Improved AI teammate defensive marking during short corner scenarios, which means that probably corner glitch won´t be effective as before.

Made the following changes

  • Some dribbling animations triggered by moving the left stick which includes the ball carrier taking small touches to avoid a potential tackle will now only occur when the Contextual Agile Dribbling setting is set to On.
  • When defending a cross with the Auto Switching setting set to Automatic, On-Air Balls and Loose Balls, or Only Air Balls, an automatic player switch will occur slightly faster than before.
  • When playing matches with the Defensive Corners Custom Tactics slider to 1 or 2 bars, more players will now be positioned outside of the box and at the halfway line.
  • Added more variety to the types of shots the CPU AI can perform.
  • In a situation where a Jockeying defender is nutmegged, they will no longer perform an animation in which they slip while turning.
  • Reduced the frequency of CPU AI slide tackles.
  • Removed some lunging animations that could occur when the controlled player was attempting to block a Ground Pass or a short Lob Pass.

Addressed the following issues

  • When playing matches with the Defensive Depth Custom Tactic Slider set to 7 or above, defenders could unintentionally drop too deep into their own half.
  • When performing a right stick Player Switch, the Next Player Indicator could sometimes appear over an unintended player as opposed to the player that was originally switched off of.
  • A white placeholder UI element could have sometimes been displayed near players during matches.
  • In rare instances, a goalkeeper could deflect a saveable low shot into their own net.
  • Sometimes, a goalkeeper could commit a foul without a referee awarding a set piece to the other team.
  • The Team Press meter would unintentionally decrease while Team Press was starting up after its activation.
  • When activating Player Lock, a Player Switch could not be requested until the player let go of the right stick input and then made a Player Switch request.
  • Sometimes, a foul was not called following a tackle that was clearly late.
  • When losing the ball, in a rare situation, the original ball carrier could become stuck in place.
  • When requesting a first-time Driven Pass, the Let Ball Run command was sometimes being performed.
  • In rare situations, the play could continue for a short period of time after a penalty kick was called.
    • The correct penalty kick would eventually be awarded.
  • In a rare situation when passing with a goalkeeper in Co-Op play, the goalkeeper would remain the selected player until a manual Player Switch was requested.
  • When standing up after a slide tackle, a foul could be incorrectly called on the player standing up.
  • In situations where a defender would make an unsuccessful attempt to block a shot, an animation could occur which involves the player moving their leg away from the ball.
    • This was a visual issue only and did not affect the outcome of the situation.
  • In rare situations when the ball was far from the ball carrier’s feet, a requested Pass or Shot could take too long to occur.
  • The defending player could unintentionally decelerate when chasing after an air ball.
  • When rushing the goalkeeper towards an incoming ball, sometimes the goalkeeper would get close to the ball without reacting to it, resulting in a loss of possession.
  • The Next Player Switch Indicator could sometimes unintentionally switch from a Center Back to another player in inappropriate situations.
  • In some rare situations, a requested Fake Shot would not be performed and the controlled player would not animate correctly.
  • In very rare circumstances, the goalkeeper could teleport when making a diving save.
  • Sometimes, the Drag To Drag Skill Move could have been unintentionally requested.
  • When making a catch, the goalkeeper could sometimes unnecessarily fall to the ground.
  • The ball could travel through a defender in a rare situation when the ball receiver would make a touch on the ball, prior to the defender attempting to make contact with it.
  • When performing a Clearance, the ball would not always travel as far as intended.
  • Players could sometimes stumble in inappropriate situations.
  • A goal celebration could rarely get stuck repeating over and over, resulting in a delayed continuation of the match.
  • In some situations, the CPU AI team would not attempt to win the ball back.
  • The CPU AI team could sometimes take too long to perform a free-kick.
  • When the ball was received via chest following a lobbed pass, it could bounce high enough in the air to cause unintentional player switching.
  • Addressed potential stability issues that could occur during Penalty Shootouts.

 Other Changes and Updates

  • During away matches, players will see their own equipped pitch line colors instead of their opponent’s.
  • Updated some kits, stadia, sound effects, celebrations, ad boards, sound effects, broadcast packages, stadium announcer lines, crowds, and balls.
  • Added and updated a total of 124 star heads. Among the new faces, we can expect new ones for
    • Etebo
    • Bastoni
    • Maignan
    • Dani Alves

The first player SBC has been released. It´s a Nike-Inspired Flashback of Kevin De Bruyne celebrating his early career ...
Complete this SBC to earn 11 LaLiga Players Rated 81+ or higher. The price is around 90 K.
Complete this SBC to earn two Rare Gold Players rated 86 OVR or higher.