Bundesliga December Player of the Month Nominees Announced

  POSTED January 06, 2021

Bundesliga Nominees to the December Player of The Month award have been announced. It seems Lewandowski will get another POTM item. Check out the nominees.

1. Lewandowski

It would be his second POTM award. His first one was due to his performance during October. 5 goals in December will probably grant him another POTM card.

2. Müller

2 goals and 1 assist. Great month for Thomas but probably not enough to beat Lewandowski. Remember he already got an In-Form in FIFA 21.

3. Stindl

4 goals and 1 assist. He could be a contender for Lewandowski. He already got an In-Form in December. A POTM would have an 86 Overall Rating. Most of the upgrade should go to his pace that´s really low. 

4. Grifo

3 goals and 2 assists. He had a great month, but EA decided not to give him an In-Form. So it sounds strange they nominee him to POTM. 

5. Amiri

4 assists. The same situation as Grifo, no In-Form awarded but now nominated to Player of the Month.

6. Wirtz

2 goals. No chances. But probably here we have the first Future Star confirmed in FIFA 21.

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