Headliners Loading Screen Predictions

  POSTED December 31, 2020

There is a new loading screen, providing some clues about upcoming Headliners. Which ones could these players be? Félix, Ben Yedder, and Fabinho among the candidates.

First. Let´s find out who qualifies for a Headliner. According to the EA official website FAQ, "FUT 20 Headliners is a selection of the most form players in world football currently. At the launch of the event, each FUT 20 Headliners player item is released at one in-form upgrade higher than their latest qualifying performance-based In-Form (TOTW, MOTM, Hero, Record Breaker or Team of the Group Stage item) or their base item."

So if the Headliner first upgrade could be a one in-form upgrade higher than their base item, it means that it´s not mandatory that the player has received previously an In-Form. In fact, in FIFA 20 Aubameyang got a Headliner without receiving an In-Form yet.

Anyway, which ones are the players the could get a Headliner item according to the clues provided in the loading screen.

1. Center Forward | 88 Shooting


Our prediction is Joao Félix since he perfectly matches those clues. Another chance is Dybala, but if EA use this card to promote their Headliners promo, it must be a top one, and that card should be Joao Felix Headliner. 

2. Monaco player

We believe that this player could be Ben Yedder. Another chance is Volland ( but already got an IF ). Finally, the one that could be a surprise ( or probably not ) is Gelson Martins, a player that in FIFA 20 got a FUTMAS card and in FIFA 21 did not get a single special card.

3. Brazilian player | 85 Physical

There is a chance that this player could be Fabinho. As well as Aubameyang in FIFA 20, he could get the Headliner item without receiving an In-Form previously. So his upgrade could boost his NIF physical stats from 83 to 85 and it will match perfectly the stats required for this card. Another one could be Eder Militao whose upgrade from 80 to 83 could be enough to boost his physical stats to 85. Or imagine that even Richarlison could get this item if EA decides to maximize a boost to his physical stats.

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