FUT 21 New Next-Gen Cards Revealed

  POSTED December 01, 2020

FIFA 21 cards already present in the code seem to be related to Next-Gen. Check out this cards' design and what these new items could represent. 

As we posted on our Twitter account, these cards have the internal id 75 and they are present in FIFA 21 code since the release of the game. As you can see, their colors and design match those that EA used for their Next-Gen marketing campaign.

A FIFA 21 player posted on Twitter an image showing 12 cards with this design.


Probably, these cards could be given as a welcome reward when you play for the first time the Next-Gen game. Others posted that these could be also an early access error in the code and these are just gold cards. Anyway, let´s seen in the next days if these cards are finally released and how they will work in the game. 

In the code, these cards are defined as untradeable ones. 

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