Team of the Week 10 Prediction

This is our prediction for the upcoming Team of the Week 10. De Bruyne, Coman, Grizmann among the best players. Check Mahrez situation regarding next TOTW and why we have picked these players.

Pacheco - Deportivo Alavés

Great performance in Deportivo Alavés victory over Real Madrid. Not impressive, but good enough to grant him a second IF. Not too many goalkeepers were outstanding this week and probably Pacheco will find a place in TOTW 10.

Aguilar - Mónaco

Solid work, probably the best player of the match and one assist in Monaco 3-0 victory over Nimes. Deserved.

Romagnoli - Milan

Not sure if he will get the In-Form since he was already awarded a Storyline item. Anyway, 1 goal, solid performance in Milan´s 3-0 victory that allow them to continue on top of Serie A.

Angeliño - RB Leipzig

One goal and man of the match. He had already scored two weeks ago and he was among the candidates to be in TOTW. But finally, the In-Form went to his teammate, Konaté. This week he deserves to get his In-form. 

Raphinha - Leeds

There is an error in this tweet. He was in the starting XI in Leed´s victory over Everton. Solid performance and important goal.

Banega - Al-Shabab

One assist and man of the match. Remember he got 2 In-Forms in FIFA 20 while he was playing for Sevilla. 

Fabián - Napoli

One goal, brilliant performance in Napoli 4-0 victory over Roma. Of course, Insigne was probably the best player of the match with one goal and one assist, but since he was present in TOTW 8, just two weeks ago, his chances of getting a second in-form are no too many.

De Bruyne - Manchester City

This TOTW seems far from interesting and this card could save it. 2 assists and good performance. Enough? Not sure. Mahrez scored 3 and was the man of the match, but he was in TOTW 8 two weeks ago. More about his situation later.

Weghorst - Wolfsburg

2 goals and MOTM in the Wolfsburg victory 5-3 over W.Bremen. He should be in TOTW about 2 weeks ago after scoring 2. This time surely he will be in the starting XI.

Coman - Bayern Munich

Goal + Assist + Man of the Match. What else? The French left midfielder will be in the next TOTW.

Griezmann - Barcelona

It seemed that it would never come this season. His bad performances were not predicted this In-Form. But one goal, one assist and man of the match award against Osasuna, will grant him a place in the next TOTW.

Mahrez in TOTW 10. Is it possible?

It is possible but unlikely. Yesterday we posted this

So in the past, a player could get a 2 In-Forms in the lapse of 2 weeks. We are talking about FIFA 14. But in the last years, that rule seems to have changed and that goes against Mahrez chances of getting a second IF.


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