New Packs in Code probably coming next Black Friday

  POSTED November 21, 2020

New packs have been added to FUT 21 code and they are probably related to Black Friday's promo. They guarantee players with an overall of 81+ or 83+. Check out the details.

Black Friday is the perfect context for these packs. Millions of FIFA Points will be sold and invested in packs that will provide tons of gold players that could be used in these SBCs. During 2019 Black Friday FIFA 20 got many +81 Upgrades but these were based on Leagues. 

There were also a +82 Upgrade and a "81 – 87 Upgrade", of course, all of them awarded untradeable players. 

So probably these are just the first packs that will be available in Black Friday´s promo and there will be more to be revealed in the next days. 

The first player SBC has been released. It´s a Nike-Inspired Flashback of Kevin De Bruyne celebrating his early career ...
Complete this SBC to earn 11 LaLiga Players Rated 81+ or higher. The price is around 90 K.
Complete this SBC to earn two Rare Gold Players rated 86 OVR or higher.