Joshua Kimmich - The Total Player

  POSTED October 22, 2020

The total player. That´s Joshua Kimmich. Probably one of the best CM in the game. Not only a defensive guarantee but a fantastic playmaker. Check out his review and stats.

As you can see in the video Kimmich is not only a defensive guarantee but an attacking-minded player that can contribute to the play build-up. Let´s check his stats.

1. Pace

More than enough. His acceleration is what matters, and 77 is great for a CM. You don´t need to run with him. 

2. Passing

With BASIC chemistry his vision goes to 89 and short passing to 92. Even that is already great his long passing is 91, his curve is 90 and his crossing 91, so he could even be useful to take deadly corners. He will dictate the midfielder tempo.

3. Defense

With BASIC chemistry his marking stat rises to 87 and standing tackle to 89. His weakness is his interceptions stat ( 82 ) but his great reactions stat ( 88 ) solves that problem. Of course,  when you are counter-attacked you have to take control of him and place him in the right place. Because of his medium defensive work-rate, he won´t get involved as much as expected in defense. But if you manage to solve this, be sure he will help a lot recovering the ball.

4. Dribbling & Physical Stats

A tiny player with important agility, balance, and reactions contribute to his role. Good ball control and dribbling help in situations like the one you see on the video we have posted. What to tell about his stamina ... 95! Forget the need to bench a sub for him.

5. Shooting

He has good positioning, shot power, and long shots. Not a good finisher but if you have a chance try luck from distance.


Kimmich is one of those players that makes you feel that you will only remove him from your squad if he gets an In-Form or if he gets a special card. I doubt you will find a better player, so versatile and so useful. We play him as CM pair with Marco Verratti in DIV 2. Try him and you won´t regret it at all. 

Be sure to click on his card to check our exclusive FUTicon stats.

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