FUT - Tips to have fun #dontfollowthemetaflock

FUT is fun but if you understand what to expect and how to approach the mode. Here we give you 5 tips, probably not the ones you will read or hear on other websites or social media. But be sure that if you understand this, you will have fun playing FUT. 

1. It´s just a game.

You have to understand that you will win games that you do not deserve to do, and that you will lose others that you probably should not win. The game could be in your favor or against you. So don´t get mad if your players move slowly, feel clunky or if your passes go wrong or you hit the post 2 or 3 times. Remember that sometimes your rival will feel the same. In the end, it´s just a game. If you approach FUT this way, believe me, you will do it great because if you understand this and keep calm you will probably find yourself winning more than losing.

2. You can build a competitive team with not too many coins.

In fact, now when you are promoted you get coins rewards that will help you to build your team. You will get coins by playing FUT Champions or Rivals. You will get rewards for completing objectives or playing Squad Battles. You don´t need more. In fact, we are now in DIV 2 without spending a single USD. You are not a professional, you won´t get paid for this. Moreover, you can also make some coins investing for instance in an OTW player that you believe he could get an In-Form. But in the end, you can have a competitive team without using too many coins. And believe me, even when you don´t spend a cent, at least you will pack a great player for your team. 

3. Use players and tactics you prefer, don´t follow the meta flock.

You will find YouTubers telling you to use that tactic or that player because it´s meta. Forget it. Use players you like in real life, use the tactic you enjoy more. Have fun and be competitive in your way. For instance, we use Robben and Ibra as subs. It feels great to have two legends and join them. And who did say they can´t play together? Check this out.

Don´t follow the meta flock that tells you, do this, do that in order to win. Just play and have fun with your favorite players. Don´t watch 1000 videos telling you how to play, or what trick to do. Learn by playing, and play as you prefer. You don´t even need to learn skills. We almost don´t do them and we are in DIV 2.

4. Don´t force yourself to play more than normal.

30 FUT Champions games are probably too much. The need for playing 30 Division Rivals matches before the FUT Champions start, in order to achieve a better ranking, is just crazy. You can have good rewards for playing less. Sometimes you will find yourself fighting to win one more match of FUT Champions to achieve a GOLD 1 just to find out that the rewards are not better than those you got when you finished SILVER 3 or 2 ( in fact sometimes rewards are better ) So play what you want to play. Don´t feel forced to play matches you don´t want to. 

5. Remember. You are not a professional.

As we said, you are not a professional, and you probably never be, unless you are probably too good. 99% of us are just casual players trying to have fun. It´s the same that when we play a match with friends on weekends. We do it for fun, not because we expect to be Messi. Well, this is exactly the same. 

In resume, play like you prefer, with the players you like, with the tactics you enjoy, the way you have fun. Try players other won´t try, try tactics even when they tell you they are not useful. FUT is really fun, if  you #dontfollowthemetaflock


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