Benzema FIFA 21 Upgrade Review

  POSTED September 11, 2020

Karim Benzemá received an upgrade in FIFA 21. But is it worth? Maybe the upgrade in numbers is not reflected in his performance in-game. Let´s check out his stats.

FIFA 21 Karim Benzemá

Click on his card and check the stats.

The first impression is that a 2 points upgrade in his overall rating could be interesting. And if you check there are certain changes that can be interesting. His Reactions have been increased to 91 ( from 85 ) and it explains why his overall dribbling rating has increased. Anyway, there has no been changes in Agility or Balance and that will hurt his performance.

The good news is that his shooting and composure have been upgraded. With a 90 Composure, 90 Positioning, and 88 Finishing, he has increased his FUT Icon KILLER stat to 82. But unfortunately, his Speed has not changed and if FIFA 21 gameplay behaves in the same than FIFA 20 one, you could have problems to find a way to score despite his shooting stats ( Remember what we have already told you about Agility and Balance )

Also, even EA upgraded his heading accuracy, his jumping has been decreased. Finally, his stamina and aggression have been reduced. The aggression reduced and the fact that he already has a Medium attacking work rate could really result in problems if you try to use him as a striker.

So he is a less athletic player and a slightly better scorer but not sure if this will be enough. Probably an ENGINE chemistry will solve his agility and balance problems. But if you compare him with Mbappé ( 90 ) he is not even close to what the PSG forward could give you.

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