NBA 2K21 - How to Import Mods

  POSTED September 05, 2020

Looyh released the first tool that allows you to import mods to NBA 2K21. This hook tool works using a mods folder where you place the files from where they are read by the game. Check out the details and get the tool.

First of all, this has only been tested with the Steam version of the game. No other version of the game is working with this tool.

It´s really easy to install.

  • Unpack the files in your NBA 2K21 file main folder ( both two .dll files and mods folder )
  • Then you just need to place the mods files in the Mods folder inside NBA 2K21 main folder

So let say we install Dell Curry Cyber Face.

  • You will have to place both files face1999.iff and png1999.iff files in Mods folder inside NBA 2K21 main folder.
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