FIFA 21 Gameplay Feature : Manual Headers

  POSTED August 04, 2020

In FIFA 20, EA made the decision to make heading less effective ( a complete disaster ), resulting in fewer goals being scored from headers. In FIFA 21, to improve the viability of scoring with headers, while keeping a skill gap in the game, they are introducing Manual Heading. Will this fix the problem ?

To enable Manual Heading, a player would set the Assisted Headers option to ‘Off’, as detailed later in the article. When playing with this option, your headers will not be assisted in any way, with the aim and power used when performing the header determining the initial target for the header before the header is then potentially impacted by the error.

  Manual Headers

EA believes that this functionality will allow for more opportunities to use heading to create or convert offensive chances while sticking to the intention of having most of the goals scored to be the result of direct player action.

IMPORTANT: Manual Heading will be mandatory in the following modes

  • All FUT modes
  • All-Pro Clubs modes
  • FIFA Seasons
  • FIFA Co-Op Seasons
  • FIFA Online Friendlies
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