FIFA 17 - How to import Mods

This video tutorial helps you to install Frosty Tools to apply mods to FIFA 17. Also it helps you to apply mods using Frosty Mod Manager. You will find many mods available already in our Download Center. Install mods is not easy as it used to be but it´s worth a try. 
  FIFA 17 - How to import Mods
Frosty Tool
Messi brown hair

How to install
a) First unpack Frosty Editor and Frosty Mod Manager to different folders. 
b) Run Frosty Editor, search for FIFA17.exe and install ( check video )
c) Run Frosty Mod Manager, search for FIFA 17.exe and install
( check video )
d) Origin must be opened and we suggest disconnected to servers.
e) Import Messi mod with Frosty Mod Manager. Once imported double click on the mod and it will become enabled.
f) Launch FIFA from Frosty Mod Manager ( not from Origin )