PES 2010 Gamespot Review 6.5

  POSTED October 29, 2009

Gamespot destroyed Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 in their review for PS3 and X360. This year's Pro Evo improves upon its predecessor in some key areas, but it does little else to keep up with the competition. Pro Evolution Soccer still plays a good game of football, and if you loved previous games in the series, you'll no doubt enjoy playing this year's model. However, Pro Evo can no longer claim to be the best football game in any given area, and other than the incremental improvements made over the past few years, it's in desperate need of a complete overhaul. Fixing problems, such as online play, is certainly welcome, but for a game that hasn't substantially changed across five years and two console generations, there's a definite sense of diminishing returns from this increasingly stale series.

The Good
  • Improved online mode with reduced lag problems
  • Slower simulation-style gameplay
  • Improved Master League mode with Champions League integration
  • Excellent player likenesses.
The Bad
  • Only one major new game mode
  • Team style and playing style cards do little to change the game
  • Not enough improvement to the core gameplay
  • Animation system is showing its age
  • Atrocious commentary.


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