Mr Tanaka talks about PES 2010

  POSTED August 25, 2009

Tatsuya Tanaka, a director in charge of all match-based gameplay and mode designs take this opportunity to discuss and expand on the newly-implemented team style slider and playstyle card.

  In PES 2010, you can see the fusion of the individuals and teams. The slider to change team style is a useful tool to tailor your team as you like, and a wide number of strategies can be expanded by changing the value of eight sliders. You can use this feature to completely reproduce your favourite team or to create a brand-new team style you have not ever played before (such as tailor the team to make the best use of players you obtained in Master League).

 For individual players, the Playstyle Cards are the key. Cards are used to reproduce characteristic player movement (playstyle): not to simply adjust parameters, but also to give the player an insight for the things which would happen next. For instance, the ?Early Crosser? card is not designed to increase the parameter for crossing the ball. The player who has this car tends to move into a place where he can easily cross the ball. It is dependent on your insight and skill whether or not you can make a good cross. This is an aspect I am very confident in for PES 2010. Player characteristics cannot be perfectly reproduced just by parameter adjustments. Preparations are important to make a good finish. I am sure that you will be surprised when you see CPU player who has Cards! You will feel as if you are playing in a real-life match and will notice how dangerous the player is. There is also big news about other Modes. Master League has been totally renewed and UEFA's two big competitions are implemented in. I hope you all like this. Also, the ultimate goal of Master League is no longer to simply win the competition but also to make a glorious history of the team. In the past, there were many vague factors and fake elements, but we have changed such vague and fake elements to real ones. Consequently, Master League has attained more reality and greater longevity. Of course, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League make a great deal of difference, but there are also more elements contributing to the game.

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