Have your say about PES 2010 demo issues

  POSTED September 21, 2009

Winning Eleven Next-gen Blog has made notice of the two major issues discovered on PES 2010 demo. Bad response and strange animation transition, seems to be the more clear problems on the new PES and, while Adams claims them to be slightly improved after the demo, there is still need for people to give their feedback on this.

On a post made today on WENB main page, Adam wants to remind people that he warned people about how motion capture could make response of PES 2010 slightly late. It seems that he was right, while the already unresponsive PES 2009 became even worse on that area. Also, he underlines some issues about animations, where transition doesn't seem to work always the best way and some animations end earlier than it should be. In order for people to give their feedback and give KONAMI a word about their response issue opinion, WENB made a dedicated thread about this, asking of everyone to give their opinion... Did you find the response too much slow? Have you get used to the change since PES 6 to today?

In my point of view, response is ridiculously slow, while animation transition has to be reworked much by KONAMI. I guess there isn't much that can be done before the final release, but at least i hope that they manage to do as much as possible to make the game feel responsive and smooth, as it used to be on the PES 6 age.

Whatever is your opinion, just go here and say what you think KONAMI should fix before games comes out.

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