PES 2011 Editor V 1.5 Released

  POSTED March 15, 2011

w!Ld@ released version 1.5 of his PES 2011 Editor. Added latest DLC and game update support, chants and kits selection improvements, disallowed editing of players without generated ID, fixed bug with age and after face relink.

By downloading this tool from you encourage w!Ld@  to keep developing this tool. 

Version 1.5:

  • chants and kits selection improvements
  • disallowed editing of players without generated ID ( <unnamed_0> etc. )
  • fixed occasional bug with age ( was set to 15 ) after face relink ( thx pate )
  • added latest DLC support + improved changing of versions ( thx davidecit )
Version 1.4:
  • fixed bug with team names
  • added support for Brazilan Portuguese and Turkish
  • added filter for Team Staff

Version 1.3:

  • fixed exporting of players to CSV from abilities overview form
  • fixed long and short sleeve patch setting
  • fixed SWP position setting in team formation form
  • improved paste PSD stats function ( A/D card setting, removed conversion of special abilities to cards etc. )
  • added kits overview ( kits relink map )
  • added chants overview ( chants relink map )
  • added new "player" type called Team Staff - do not use them as a players!!! ( thx Simcut )
  • improvements in transfer functionality ( allowed transfers with CTRL key pressed for ML Youth, Team Staff etc. )
  • added latest DLC and game update support ( improved changing of versions too )
  • added functions to remove fake player and team names ( marking of players with real equivalent in clubs included too )
  • added function to fill team by free players where players from the end of the Option File are used first
  • improved importing of kit setting from OF2 ( kit slots should be imported too )
  • other small improvements


  • Tool to PES2011 Option File [ O.F. or OF ] editing.

how to use:

  • open option file [ EDIT.bin ] from DocumentsKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2011save
  • do the chages
  • save

known bugs:

  • Find them!
  • Old growth type list (looking for help)!


  • Please, say thanks if you like or use my work in your patch. It's free
  • Always make a backup!! I'm not God so I can do a mistakes!
  • All my tests were done with default or ingame edited OF and I can promise 100% functionality if you used another tool or manually hexedited your option file!

future plan:

  • Bugfixing ...

supported platforms:

  • PC only (and not planned any other platform)


  • edit player's
    • name
    • abilities
    • positions
    • motions
    • cards
    • face & hair relink
    • boots relink
    • (un)tucked shirt etc.
  • edit team
    • names (16 languages supported - Turkish and Brazil Portuguese later)
    • team squads (transfers via drag&drop)
    • formations
    • strategies
    • team style
    • supporter, kit and radar colours
    • home stadium relink (ingame created stadiums supported too)
    • chants relink
    • logo/emblems relink
  • import/export
    • players [ CSV, XML, OF2, .Player files ]
    • teams [ OF2, .Team files ]
    • formations [ OF2, CSV ]
    • kits settings [ .Kit files ]
    • emblems [ most of graphic files ]
  • global adjustment of
    • abilities
    • boots
    • injuries
    • motions
    • cards
    • macro reader (to generate XML with global changes)
    • all with variable options ...
  • stadium & league
    • names editing (real or default names by one click)
    • leagues structure
  • other
    • footbal manager [FM] stats conversion
    • adding of players
    • global renaming and adjusting names
    • and much more ...


  • installed .NET Framework (at least version 3.5)

hint: if you have problem with FM converter:

  1. enable "Use integer instead float..." option in tab "Settings"
  2. click "Save" button
  3. restart editor

thanks to:

  • krejik, goldorakiller, GOAL, davidecit, Tommsen, PATe.Arminia, Kenny, zioborgo, seresak, pita007, vlada, skip-br, mosu90, compulsion, SMcCutcheon, FCH, Inas, seraph, -Panos-, Patros46, MxSoniC, arianos10, Blazor, gigimarulla, idsaturn, Nrby, DeFrenZ, hio, joserruiz ... and anybody which I forgot ;-)

    Special thanks to my girlfriend for the 6 years of patience with PES editing! 

latest changes:

  • - first public version -
The first player SBC has been released. It´s a Nike-Inspired Flashback of Kevin De Bruyne celebrating his early career ...
Complete this SBC to earn 11 LaLiga Players Rated 81+ or higher. The price is around 90 K.
Complete this SBC to earn two Rare Gold Players rated 86 OVR or higher.