Future Stars Swap Tokens

EA added a new code to the game and it´s related to new Swap Tokens that will be released during the Future Stars campaign that will start next Friday. Check out the details.

87+ Star Player Pack added to FUT 22 Code

A new 87+ Star Player Pack has been added to the code and it will be available during TOTY Promo. SBC or Promo Pack? Check what happened in FIFA 21.

Serie A Player of the Month Revealed

A surprising Serie A Player of the Month award has been revealed. This player will be available probably in two weeks when Vlahovic Player of the Month SBC ends.

Varane Flashback SBC

As it was already revealed, Varane got a Flashback card. Earn a Flashback Raphaël Varane celebrating his inclusion in FUT19 TOTY by completing this SBC. Check out the details.

Full TOTY Honourable Mentions Revealed

TOTY Honourable Mentions team players have been already revealed. 15 players as well as more players that will be available by completing SBCs or Objectives. Check out the details.

New Icons SBCs coming soon

2 new icons will be available by completing SBCs this Friday. One of them is a Prime Icon while the other one is a Mid Icon. Check out the details.

Premier League POTM Nominees Announced

These are the Player of the Month Nominees. De Bruyne and De Gea are among the top players. Check out the details.

So he is the 12th Man

He is from the Premier League and he has become the 12th man in this TOTY Promo. His TOTY card will be in packs next Friday. Check out the details.

LaLiga Player of the Month Nominees

Nominees to the La Liga Player of the Month Award have been announced. Piqué, Correa, Canales among the top contenders. Check out the details.

New Packs added to FIFA 22 code

New packs have been added to FUT Code. 3 packs related to previous promos. They will be available during the last days of this TOTY campaign. Check out the details.

Club Mascots Added to FUT Code

5 Club Mascots have been added to the game and they will be available in the next few days. We are not sure if you will be able to get them by completing a Squad Building Challenge or if you have to buy them at the Store ( most probable ). Check out the details.

81+ Defender Upgrade SBC

If you complete this SBC you will earn a pack with 11 Defenders ( or Goalkeepers ) rated 81 or higher. It requires an 83 Squad and 2 IF and its price is around 55 K. Check out the details.

FUT 22 Team of the Week 19

This is the Team of the Week 19. Kimmich and Verratti are the top players in this TOTW. Akanji is the surprising Featured Player. Check out the details.

TOTW 19 players revealed

The full TOTW 19 team has been revealed. A surprise related to the Featured Player and the confirmation of two top players we have predicted. Check out the details.

A New Prime Icon Moments Revealed

Another Prime Icon Moments stats have been revealed. A French player, a legend of the Premier League. Check out the details.

 Upgrade when they receive a performance-based In-Form item such as TOTW or MOTM

 Next Match : 

Earliest day to reach the upgrade
Sun Feb 13 2022

 Next Match : 

Earliest day to reach the upgrade
Sun Feb 13 2022