FUT 22 TOTW 1 - Team of the Week

This is FIFA 22 Team of the Week 1 representing some of the top performers from the week that was in football. Salah, Vinicius Junior, Thiago Silva and Kimmich among the best players available in this TOTW. Check it out.


We are back with FUT Icon

After a break we are back with FUT Icon, covering the complete FIFA 22 FUT Season with all the info you need to progress in your journey to get your Ultimate team. You can already visit our FUT Database, where you will be able to compare cards and check their stats.


Team of the Week 20 Prediction

This is our TOTW 20 prediction. Varane, Varane, and Varane. Everybody expects to pull his red card. But also Di María, Depay, Neuer could make this TOTW an interesting one. And Gundogan? And Bruno? Check out our prediction.


Pedro Goncalves Future Star SBC

Pedro Goncalves Future Star is available. You can pick between 2 versions, center midfielder and right-wing. 2 squads required. Check out requirements, possible solutions and review.


Headliners Tracker - Update

Toko-Ekambi and Diego Carlos will get the upgrade after 4 wins! Upamecano back on track with 2 wins. Bruno back to the start. Check out this Headliners Tracker to find out their chances to get a boost.


MCMB V1.0.35 (Wonderkids & Few Brazilian Teams Included) PUBLIC RELEASE

AUTHOR OfficialJordi | April 25 2020 | 977 hits
Rating : 1

Hey, I'm Jordi. Creator of the MCMB, which overhauls the Career Mode of FIFA 20.

The features are:

Realistic AI contract renewal

- The CPU now renews nearly all of their player's contracts, decent free agents will be rare.

Realistic AI team selection
- The CPU now pick out their best starting 11 in most matches

Realistic Sackings
- Low league positions and/or UEFA competition(s) will have a higher chance to get you fired
- The club is less ruthless, and won't sack you as easily.

Realistic Job-Offers
- You get more offers from different leagues
- Get more offers if successful

Realistic Player Values
- Values are much more realistic, wonderkids will cost alot more than the default values from the normal FIFA 20

Realistic Player Growth/Decline
- Players now grow & decline in a realistic way, based on in-forms, age and potential

Realistic Simulation
- Teams win the league with more points
- Teams now get relegated with fewer points
- realistic goals are scored (i.e might see ronaldo get a hat trick)
- More injuries happen in games
- More cards happen in games

- Bigger scores happen especially when facing low league opponents

Realistic Training
- You can now train all stats (jumping, sprint speed, reactions, etc)
- Training is a bit less effective

Realistic Release Clauses
- Most La Liga players now have a release clauses

UI overhaul (added features)
- Total new look for Squad screen example:

Plus more other realistic tweaks.



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Mirrors Available

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If you are not able to download it please CONTACT US and report it.


Download MCMB V1.0.35 (Wonderkids & Few Brazilian Teams Included) PUBLIC RELEASE. This is a mod for video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.