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Create Your ModdingWay Account

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Open your ModdingWay Account to upload / post files here at our Download Center it is really easy now. You need to be registered to our forums and just with one click your account will be created. Click on read more to find out how to get your account. Remember that now you can register to our Forums using your Facebook Account.

When you login to our forums you will find a new option to create your ModdingWay Account.

[Image: mwfaccountcreate.png]

Click on it and your ModdingWay Account will be automatically created.

After that the Create Account Icon will be replaced by the ModdingWay Account one.

[Image: mwfaccount.png]

Click on it and you will access to your ModdingWay Account.

If there are files we have already in our Download Center made by you and you would like us to link them to your account just send me a pm.

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