These sliders and settings are developed for obtain a better gameplay possible with nba2k13.
Realism, amusements and general good challenge for every skills level.

These sliders/settings work perfectly with my Albys Realistic Roster (actually v.1.2) because on roster i work hardly on players tendencies and overall players in search of the maximum realism. But also work good with all others roster because i fixed all "CPU cheat" (some attributes players values are used - abused by cpu for make difference, like speed, quickness, on-ball defense, off. and def. awareness, blocks, jump, shots values).

ROOKIE: children or dead people.
PRO LEVEL: beginners, and normal players with some problems on defense.
ALL STAR LEVEL: normal and good players of 2Kseries (for me is better level)
SUPERSTAR LEVEL: very good players of 2Kseries, hard challenge.
HALL FO FAME LEVEL: this game is your life!

Features (compared with default 2Ksport simulation settings):
- more physical game under the basket and better animations
- better cpu defense
- more blocks
- more real shots % (for this, please use Albys RR 1.2)
- some cpu loose ball
- tuned pass
- tuned fouls
- fixed offensive rebounds
- better shots distribution
- tuned dunks
- real ball-handling
- unlocked all alternate/christmas jerseys!
and some minor fixes.

Remember: choose and put only 1 file .STG in your saves folder, because sometimes the game make confusion with more .STG files and use only latest. And also remember: load roster (Albys Roster or another amatorial roster like Slimm44 or Medevenx) every time you start the game.

Latest thing:
For every game level (Pro,All Star,Superstar, HOF) please set this value in GAME-CONTROLLER OPTION :
DEFENSIVE ASSIST 0/25 for increase challenge
DEFENSIVE ASSIST 50 for default level challenge