Nba 2K13 Albys Realistic Roster 1.2:

New features RR 1.2:
- updated with accuracy all overall and shot tendencies for 13 teams players (from Phila to Utah + Houston), based on advanced real nba 2013 performance and stats (, and many more)
- added (for same 13 teams) Vannswolfhawk playbooks and updated signature skills for some players
- fixed Derrick Williams body
- updated all team jerseys collars and accessories/shoes colors with Tha King settings (perfect for my friend Tha King's jerseys  )
- updated overall players, very accurate. Added McGuire to NOH.
- improved coach profiles for better shots distribution, fix fastbreak and real teamplays style.

new gameplay 1.2:
- based on Superstar level, but you can use these sliders also for All Star level.
Please set Defensive assist 25 or less (controller options)
- the 13 teams completely edited with Vannwolfhawk playbooks have coach profile plays: 100. Others teams have 1. This is better solution. I will continue adding Vann's playbooks for all teams.